Taking a pregnancy test bring a the majority of emotions prefer happiness, nervousness, and anticipation. Nobody can describe what girlfriend feel as you wait because that the outcomes to appear; the feels prefer torture. Then, after ~ waiting number of minutes, you discover yourself staring at a blank pregnancy test.

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What does the mean? how does that happen?

Now, you feeling a mix that frustration and disappointment, maybe even anger. You anticipated seeing a “+” or “-” or some tests display “pregnant” or “not pregnant.” empty isn’t valid.

So, what do you do as soon as your pregnancy test mirrors nothing? Keep analysis to uncover out what it means and what you need to do next.

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What go It mean When Your pregnancy Test is Blank?

How go a pregnant Test Work?

A pregnant test is expected to confirm pregnant by detecting the pregnant hormone in your urine. Pregnancy tests look for the hormone dubbed human chorionic gonadotrophin, commonly called HCG. When the check detects HCG in her urine, it alters colors and indicates the tests display screen results, either through lines or a digital screen. 


Another factor for a blank pregnancy test result is the your check is expired. It’s always a an excellent idea to examine the day of manufacture and also expiration date before purchasing the test.

If you have actually extra tests sit at home, they can go bad. This is particularly true for an initial response and also other heat tests. A lot of mothers have actually gotten empty pregnancy test from an initial Response Early solution because they kept a 2nd test at home and never supplied it. As soon as they go to usage it, the expired and gives an untrue or faulty reading.

You no Follow Instructions

Always review the instructions prior to you take a test. Failure to take the test correctly could cause a empty result. This is true also if you’ve taken a pregnant test before; designs could cause and usage directions. Brands additionally have various testing time frames.

Could I have Multiple blank Pregnancy Tests?

So, you keep testing, and the outcomes aren’t what friend hoped.

It’s necessary to remember that your results are just accurate if you take them once the HCG quantity in your system is high enough to be detected. It’s feasible to have a an unfavorable test and still it is in pregnant; the hormones haven’t gathered in her system sufficient yet.

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If girlfriend keep getting multiple blank pregnancy tests, you could want to readjust brands or pick up exam from different stores. It can indicate that you conference a destructive batch that has several box or a trouble with the store managing or save on computer the exam improperly.

Can you Reuse a blank Pregnancy Test?

Unfortunately, you cannot usage a blank pregnancy check again. Tests room designed to work-related only once, and also they’re only valid ~ above the time structure indicated in the directions. When you dip your test right into urine, that triggers a reaction, and also that’s the only time you have the right to use it.

Something else you should know is that you deserve to only read your check in the suggested time frame. Many tests say that you can only check out the tests because that 10 minutes. After that, the outcomes are invalid.


A heat can present up ~ 10 minutes, but that has tendency to be as result of drying quite than precise results. If you have actually a blank pregnancy test, then a positive result shows up; the is much more than likely due to the fact that the test began to dry, and you deserve to see the test lines. The is called an “evap” in the pregnancy world, and it can gain your wishes up.

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Final Thoughts

You guess finding the end whether or not you to be pregnant, but now she left without any questions answered. Acquiring a blank pregnancy check is disappointed and method you need to use another pregnancy test, but it doesn’t mean you space at the end of the road. Take an additional test and see the results then.