After Gary hall didn't get a job since of his weight, he began exercising and eating healthy foods. In 3 years, he shed 300 pounds.

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As an overweight child, Gary room was bullied. This made the angry and led the to start bullying others, yet then a high school football coach i found it his hulking size and also encouraged hall to end up being a linebacker.

Football gave Hall outlets for many of his vices: he could continue to eat poorly and be overweight, and he could deal with his rage on the football field. Plus, the sport assisted him make brand-new friends.


“I preferred the attention since it was a lot much better than being picked on,” the 38-year-old from Columbia Heights, Minnesota said “I thought, ‘It is OK being this big. People like me now.’”

While Hall ongoing to eat poorly, playing football retained his load down. He weighed around 350 pounds in ~ 5 feet, 11 inch tall. However after graduation, his weight boosted as his activity levels dropped. He soon weighed 523 pounds.

“Eating quick food is simply as addictive as any kind of drug. We discover comfort in it. The is really easy come overindulge,” that said. “I just didn’t have actually motivation.”

By his mid-20s, Hall endured a love attack, yet even the didn"t encourage him come change.

About a year later, he rejoined with a childhood sweetheart and also she urged him to seek his dream job in loss prevention in retail. When he went for a meeting, room overheard among the interviewers say that Hall was also unhealthy to carry out the job. He was devastated.

At 523 pounds, Gary room struggled come perform everyday activities.Courtesy Gary Hall

Instead of continuing his negative habits, he started going come his neighborhood Planet Fitness in June 2015. He started with cardio because that an hour a day and also he swapped out rapid food and soda for fruits, veggies, lean protein and water.

“I eat two cups that fruit every morning. I stay away from street as lot as ns can,” that said.

These diet and exercise changes added up, and he steadily shed weight. But he additionally noticed that his the atmosphere improved.

“When ns was heavy and also battling obesity you feel choose you can’t carry out anything. You feeling worthless,” that said. “My outlook top top life is so different now.”

From 2015 to June 2018, Hall melted 300 pounds and now weighs 220 pounds. He included weight lifting right into his exercise routine to develop muscle and also plans to reduced the percentage of human body fat the has. However for now, he is happy.

“I am proud that how much I came,” that said.

Hall share advice for others hoping to shed weight.

1. ‘The range is not your friend.’

When Hall an initial started focusing on load loss, that constantly sweet himself. If he obtained weight, he felt depressed.

Gary room continues setup goals for himself so he can maintain his new healthy weight. Courtesy Gary hall

“The scale is no your friend. Ns was therefore obsessed through the scale,” he explained. “It would nearly take far from the motivation. Once I started remaining off the scales ns noticed actual changes.”

Instead of focusing on the load on the range he focused on how his apparel fit or exactly how much much more energy he had.

2. Eat a piece of cake.

For Hall, having a cheat day is important. He noticed it helps him have actually fewer cravings. If someone has birthday cake in ~ work, for example, he’ll enjoy a slice and also not feel guilty.

“If I fully cut every little thing 100 percent i would simply crave the more,” that said. “I will have actually that piece of cake on mine cheat day. Ns don’t think around it because that another couple weeks.”

3. Always have goals.

Even though room feels happy the he shed 300 pounds, he still keeps setting brand-new goals because that himself. He wants to lower his human body fat, however he also sets modest goals, such as doing 30 pullups instead of 20.

“I feel choose I’ve gained so much more to do,” that said. “Always having actually a score is vital to maintain.”

4. Price yourself.

When Hall began losing weight, he would certainly reward his success through buying new clothes. This helps him celebrate and serves together a tangible reminder of exactly how well the is doing.

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After losing 300 pounds, Gary room enjoys being active and travel -- everything that was difficult for him come do once he weighed 523 pounds.Courtesy Gary Hall

“I love walk out and getting brand-new clothes … A many of human being don’t establish that once you space that huge you can’t go to the stores and buy clothes,” he said. “I price myself by gaining those clothes. That is what motivating me.”

5. "You room going come fail.’

“The best thing is come not offer up. You are going to fail,” the said. “I fail every the time. You need to dust yourself off.”

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