My husband and also I space looking to book the Alaska cruise departing from mountain Fran top top the 1 may 2015, and have noticed the on the Australian website that the is ~ above the 2 for 1 sell page. Regrettably the Australian website does not provide you automatically quotes, you cannot publication online and also the office is not open on the weekend.


I have actually submitted a inquiry for much more information, yet I to be wondering if the "2 for 1" one-of-a-kind offer, actually method that friend will get two passengers for the price of 1 on the advertised sailings?


That to me sounds favor an sell to good to be true, so just wanted to see what people much more familiar v this cruise heat thought. We have actually never cruised through Regent before. We have only formerly cruised through Princess.


We are additionally quite young - 30s - and I to be wondering if we would certainly be out of location on this cruise line?

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Wendy The Wanderer

Posted in march 2, 2014

Wendy The Wanderer

Members may 21, 2001 Toronto, Dunedin FL and also Ottawa Valley
Posted march 2, 2014

Don"t understand what the Aussie site look like, but on the phibìc American one the "regular" versus half-price quantities are clearly marked for this reason there"s no confusion. So because that a couple, you pay double the discounted, half-price price.


You will be at the low-end the the age demo, yet in summer, in Alaska, there should be more of period mix, including families.

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Posted march 2, 2014


Members October 22, 2011 Australia
Posted march 2, 2014

Hi, as soon as we booked ours Regent cruise from Australia two years earlier we assumed the very same thing - it is misleading and also there room plenty of doubters of this kind of proclaiming on the Regent board. I assume you"re looking in ~ the SF come Vancouver 9 night trip on the Navigator.


Prices because that Australian client on the Australian website (but in $US!) begin from $3,999: that method per person. No girlfriend don"t gain two fares for this amount - the inference is the cruise should expense twice this. And also if you compare an Orion cruise around (say) the Kimberleys, the would because that a similar suite. Friend can"t really get a right US come Australian compare in prices as the united state fares encompass airfares, so the Australian website reduce the fares rather to compensate because that this. This is probably as clear as mud. Over there is just one actual certified dealer in Australia, but they sub-contract to a number of other take trip Agents, where for example, girlfriend may be able to get frequent Flyer points for booking through them. Sometimes, the advertised fare will be discounted by a few hundred dollars - you should ask because that a discount as soon as you make her query.

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Basically it seems to cost approximately $A1,000 every day because that you both by the moment you factor in exchange rates. But there"s yes, really no an ext to pay uneven you take helicopter tours and also choose to drink premium wines; in reality the combined drinks/cocktails represent far better value. Or spend up huge in the salon or boutique. After ~ 73 job on board our account to be $61!


Would Regent be OK for people in your 30s? well we"re older than that, and also we were relatively young, however we were on a long cruise. Alaskan cruises tend to have much more families together the cruises are shorter, so I"m sure you"ll it is in fine. And we had some fascinating conversations with some of our fellow travellers that were in your 80s - a chap down the corridor to be 100! Yet us still discovered like minded souls come party with if we felt choose it.


We were looking for a relaxed, comfortable and all inclusive experience - and also this we found. An effort was made for an understated quality experience - height quality linen, glassware etc, however without the need to have gold taps or caviar in ~ every meal. Think Melbourne fairly than the yellow Coast. And we loved that we might eat as soon as we felt choose it and also with whomever us liked, fairly than fixed dining.