oscarveli: how did you choose your hacker name? O"Brien: the was favored for me in high school as ns was a really docile person until thrust too far and also I am very loyal to my circle of girlfriend (a group of scorpions is referred to as a cyclone). So I had actually the nature the a Scorpion

I looked up "cyclone" in numerous online dictionaries, yet not when did ns come throughout the definition, "a team of scorpions" (and I also looked it up on city Dictionary!).

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However, according to Answers.com and also a few other sources, "cyclone" is correct.Could everyone enlighten me ~ above the proper collective noun because that scorpions?

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It is referred to as a bed or a nest.

Source: http://www.thealmightyguru.com/Pointless/AnimalGroups.html

Bed and nest are discussed as a collective noun because that scorpions in miscellaneous sources also.

I did a search on Google Ngram because that "nest the scorpions", "bed the scorpions","colony the scorpions" and also "group that scorpions". Ngram couldn"t uncover "colony that scorpions" and also "group of scorpions". Below is a screenshot:


Google Ngram result for "a colony of scorpions":


Though, nest have the right to be supplied in the sense below also:

(Zoology) a variety of animals of the same varieties and their young occupying a common habitat: an ants" nest.


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In general, most animals do not have a "proper" cumulative noun. collective nouns as we recognize them to be intended as a means for gentlemen to demonstrate their expertise and also have a bit of fun. They to be not intended for daily use. In clinical literature, you will not usually find serious reference to these collective nouns.

The cg-tower.com language legacy of collective nouns deserve to be traced ago to the book of Saint Albans.

The publication contains, appended, a large list that special cumulative nouns for animals, "Company terms", such as "gaggle the geese" and the like, together in the write-up List of cumulative nouns. Amongst these are numerous humorous collective nouns for different professions, such together a "diligence the messengers", a "melody of harpers", a "blast of hunters", "a subtlety that sergeants", and also a "superfluity that nuns". The legacy of a huge number the such cumulative nouns which has survived into modern Standard cg-tower.com ultimately goes ago to this book, via the famous 1595 execution by Gervase Markham in his The Gentleman"s Academic.

Modern cumulative nouns follow the very same whimsical and descriptive ideals.

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Wikipedia is linked because this article and also the related posts are well sourced. The appropriate sources are books, not internet documents, so i cannot link to them.