Indigenous to southern Georgia and Florida,the Florida redbelly is easily distinguished by its glowing red underbelly (plastron).These fairly huge turtles prosper up to in between 8 to 15 inches. Males room 10inches on average and also are noticeably smaller than females (who space 12 inch onaverage).

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Florida Red Bellied Cooter Facts and also Information

The Florida red-bellied cooters are additionally known together the Florida red belly, and also are aboriginal to southerly Georgia and also Florida, although they have the right to be found in Texas, and also the Virgin Islands, British wherein they were introduced right into the wild.

Biologically, the Florida redbelly is well-known as Pseudemys nelsoni. Lock belong to the family members Emydidae (turtles) and the genus Pseudemys (cooters). Cooters are a genus the freshwater turtles aboriginal to Eastern united States.

These medium to large sized cooters have actually a red-tinged belly and two cusps on their top beak. Your distinctive red color fades are they enter adulthood.


Florida redbelly cooters reach maturitywhen they with their full size. This is 3 years for males and also six come eightyears because that females. Adult females lay between 2 come 7 clutches (7 to 26 eggs)yearly.

Florida redbelly turtle don’t bury theireggs, instead, they put it far from water bodies they inhabit, occasionally inthe swarm of alligators who safeguard the eggs from predators.

Florida Red Bellied Cooter Predators

The major predators of the Floridaredbelly include American alligators (Alligatormississippiensis), lizards and humans that collect them because that consumption. Thehatchlings and the egg are also known to it is in preyed on by tropical fire ants,birds, otters, and also lizards.

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Florida Red Bellied Cooter Endangerment

The endangered standing of the Florida redbelly cooters counts on wherein they room situated. Castle are taken into consideration imperiled in Georgia; otherwise, lock are thought about not threatened (least concern) by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation the Nature).

Florida Redbelly turtle In The Wild


just like all turtles, the is ideal to obtain the Florida red-bellied tortoise from a tortoise breeder or a pets shop. Wild cooters normally don’t fare well to a adjust in environment as well as a adjust in diet.

Wild cooters room also more likely to attack owners. The Florida redbelly is moderately daunting to care for and also require proper attention. Although love beginners can care for them, experienced turtle pets owners will usually execute a far better job.

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