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Elven biology

by Ohad Shaham Elves are very close to human beings on abiological level, but hey so space chimpanzees...Elves belong to the same genus as humans however not to the samespecie, uneven Neanderthals (brut men) who space the exact same species,and so are Hin (halflings).Genetically elves space 99.8% comparable to human beings in this i weregoing to talk about the remaining 0.2 percent.

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Elves have tendency to be much shorter thanhumans. This is true in most cases though often you can find elvesreaching 1.8 meters in height (males and females) and even higher.Reduced elevation poses an advantage in the thick forest worlds theelves come from thus adult elves tend to be varying from 1.4to 1.7 meters (males and females space the very same size).Elves who do not live in forested areas for lengthy periods that timetend come grow higher then woodland elves. Elven bodies are moreslender then humans and also they weigh lower than the human norm fortheir height. However their muscles room still solid and they arenot vulnerable as lock seem. Elves execute not have actually bodily hair.Nowhere.Elves have narrow encounters with pointed ear (this is much morerefined than part illustrations show. The ears are much less pointedfrom Mr. Spocks) and hazel shaped eye whose colour variety from greyand silver with blue and also green to violet. Brown eyes deserve to befound but they are more rare.Hair alters according come subrace and tribe. If blond and also goldentend to be more common in most cases some tribes room completelyblack haired.Old elves (and that"s mighty old!) have actually white hair. Blue hair orgreenish room legends that more than likely refer to some fairy gyeongju or todryads.


Elven ears have a different hearingrange indigenous humans. While person adults here noises native 400 to20,000 hertz , elves right here from 1000 come 30,000 hertz a slightlyhigher range. This is probably why elves speak in higher pitchesthan humans. Elves have an excellent sense the sight specifically inclose ranges. They different colours far better and therefore makebetter archers and hunters in forested locations when shades the greenare the difference in between a leaf and a meal of frog legs.I have actually a serious difficulty with infravision. In order come decipherinfra red light the eyes of an elf should be an extremely different. Snakesthat do have actually infravision have special organs because that that range oflight rather of their consistent eyes.Therefore IMC elves (end dwarfs and orcs and everyone) don"t haveinfravision yet rather have actually the natural capability to open theirpupils larger (like cats) in order to gather an ext light. Thereforethey deserve to see in what seem to humans to it is in darkness but cant check out intotal absolute darkness.This comes as a disadvantage in places of too much sunlight together asdeserts and also snow areas , together the pain to the eye is terrible.Smell and also taste space usually the very same as people though what elvesand humans like to taste and smell is not always thesame.

Food and drink-

The elven diet is composed on lesscomplex carbohydrates climate humans and also less protein from meat. Itsnot true that all elves are vegetarians or the they room repulsedby eat meat. Its simply they require meat in various quantitiesthan humans. Elves carry out eat a lot of simple sugars native sugar-caneberries and also fruit , and also they complement it through the occasionalinsect fish, frogs and little mammals (usually rabbits) they alsoeat roots and also mushrooms and some nutritious tree bark. Elves cookmeat (again against rumours and legends) usually roasting that onopen fire. Elves drink wine (only sort of alcohol they know) andtend to reaction to its result the same means humans do.


This is a really sensitive subject.The elven organic clock works in different way from the human being one inalmost every aspect. (see below).For one point the active hours that elves are different. Elves arenot nocturnal yet there most active hours space from the ~ noonto midnight.Elves go to sleep roughly two hours before sunrise and wake increase atnoon (just like contemporary teenagers!) they at some time nap in the eveninglike humans do in the afternoon. The factor for this daily cycle isnot known but it explains lots the the myths humans have actually aboutelves. For one thing, common human people that live close to elves thinkthey space lazy and never work- that"s no true - elves work, theyjust don"t carry out it early on in the morning like humans do. An additional thinghumans think around elves is the they have actually wild parties all nightlong (dancing in fairy rings and such) this is only partly true aselves tend to sit roughly the fire prior to they walk to sleep talkingsinging and also telling stories.

Life cycle-

Elves have extremely long life spansin the OD&D this is about 800 years and in the AD&D systemup to 600 years IMC this is more facility than this. While elvesdo have really long stays this doesn"t typical their bike of life isthe very same as humans. Elves prosper up slightly slow than human beings andwhen lock mature they stay that way for a really long time beforethey age. Old elves don"t endure for the same aliments that plaguehuman yonsi people yet just the different aliments castle gatheredthrough their long lives. Elves execute not gain wrinkles on your skinnor execute their bodies become fragile or weak. Eventually they willsuffer a normal an illness and die. This is not taken into consideration as death ofold age since elves carry out not fade away into death, castle justdie.

Elven life bicycle versus human lifecycle:

human yearselven years
young adult (fertility)18-2821-70

Love and also monogamy

Elves usually begin gettinginterested in opposing sex during their young adult years.Elves form strong bonds with mates (the same method they carry out withmembers the their very own gender) however this doesn"t always lead tomarriage. Elves space monogamous and also never have actually relationships withmore 보다 one mate yet the relationship is no permanent. Elveslearned around the marriage custom from humans and use it to promisetheir love ones castle will continue to be with them forever. However elvencouples are known to fall in love live with each other raise kids and also thengo ~ above living single lives again- marriage is optional.

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Sexual relations

While we have trouble understandingthis complicated subject in ours own society its even harder come tryand understand sex in a totally different race.Elves have actually sex the same method humans (and many mammals) do, in thephysical sense yet they treat the in a different way. Elves enjoysex less then humans. Elves are not slaves to your passions as weare and also lots of them go v life (a an extremely very long life!)without sex. Elves have less evident sexual organs climate humans, themale"s prick is less thick and reaches only 10-14 cm, when thefemales vagina doesn"t have clear outer parts. Both genders haveabsolutely no hair on your bodies , not also in areas that serveas erogenous zones.Elves act blind sex-related passion as animalistic (in some means thatis the key reason people seem inferior to elves gift "likeanimals" in behaviour).Elves don"t treat nudity together indecent or always sex connected butsexual relationships of any type of kind are constantly done in privacy.Elves sometimes have actually sex through partners the the same sex this isconsidered an plot of strong love to the person. Elves perform notconsider these relations as having to carry out with duality and don"tunderstand how have the right to one be specifically attracted to his/hers very own genderthere aren"t any kind of elven homosexuals as such.

Reproductive habits

This is the many puzzling facet ofelven biology. In evolutionary terms elves rate of reproduction ismuch too sluggish to permit the continuation of the species. Butevolution works different on creatures of magical essence and maybethe slow price of reproduction is essential to the