Anyone that knows me, understands that I"m no exaggerating one little bit when ns say the I have a large phobia of bugs- in details spiders and also (blech) centipedes.

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I probably need an intervention!

I"ve obtained into a minor web traffic scrape because a pest flew in my car (it was HUGE! Downright Paleolithic, in my defense...)

I"ve awkward myself many times in public when caught off guard by a creepy crawly.

And no horror has ever before been more traumatic than my giant huntsman spider encounter in Mozambique!

After living virtually pest free in new York City because that the critical 14-ish years, my pest phobia has returned complete force due to the fact that moving to the Maryland countryside previously this year.

I precise live in the center of the woods. It"s beautiful, it"s serene, however creepy crawlers abound everywhere.

A naturalista through and through, ns refuse to will to toxic chemical sprays. Instead, I"ve made decision to fight ago naturally and also organically. Ns am on their turf after ~ all. I don"t want the creatures come die, I simply want to save them OUTSIDE!!!!!!

If you also suffer native the sometimes (or not so occasional) creepy crawler then here are 3 natural and also organic methods to to escape your residence of spiders and centipedes and all of their little friends!

1. Peppermint essential Oil


Spiders and centipedes hate the odor of peppermint!

Not only is the smell enough to save them away from your home, but coming into call with the oil burns them. They will retreat immediately!

To apply, I use a dropper and apply peppermint important oil directly to cracks in the floorboard, underneath the radiator and also around windows.

For soft surfaces, prefer the perimeter of mine bed and the sofa (I take no chances) i mix a couple of drops that peppermint crucial oil v water in a spray bottle and spritz the mixture whereby I require it.

This works prefer a charm!


The peppermint leaves my residence smelling cool and fresh and keeps spiders and also centipedes OUT! when guests visit, they"re always commenting top top how an excellent my home smells (if they only knew why....)

2. Eucalyptus crucial Oil

Similar to peppermint necessary oil, spiders and centipedes can"t was standing the odor of eucalyptus (neither have the right to mosquitoes or flies for that matter!) important oil.

I burn this oil in an essential oil heavy steam diffuser. Eucalyptus smells so great and compliments the peppermint aroma comes from my floorboards.


Eucalyptus provides me feel favor I live in a spa. Not just is the fragrance calming but it has medicinal properties. Eucalyptus is antimicrobial, antibacterial, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and also decongestant, which way it is a herbal air purifier, kills airborne germs and also is additionally beneficial to individuals with chronic bronchitis, asthma and allergies.

In a nutshell, friend can"t walk wrong through eucalyptus! EVER!


3. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is extremely irritating come insects. Heck, it"s irritating to humans if it it s okay in our eyes and mouth.

Spiders and also centipedes will go the end of their means to stop cayenne pepper i beg your pardon is why it is so reliable when sprinkled outside around the periphery of a house and also along exterior home window ledges.

IT really WORKS!!!!

Let the bugs beat outdoors so you can enjoy the indoors v this winning mix of natural and organic pest control.

All the the over mentioned remedies space safe because that humans, kids and pets (cats and also dogs).

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Note: If you have actually pet rodents remain away native the peppermint and also eucalyptus important oils since the smell will upset them. Peppermint vital oil is actually reliable in driving mice out of houses as well.

For much more tips and also tricks for naturally repelling pests using crucial oils see my post:3 methods to Use necessary Oils to eliminate Moths