The blue-tailed skink, additionally known as a five-lined skink, is a little to medium-sized tropical skink the grows to around 20 cm. Known scientifically as Cryptoblepharus egeriae, the a beautiful lizard the is indigenous to Australia’s Christmas Island.

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In general, blue-tailed skinks eat locusts, crickets, spiders, roaches, snails, slugs, and also earthworms. Blue-tailed skinks will certainly eat just about any insect, however. Castle occasionally even eat vegetation. If you’re interested in learning an ext about what blue-tailed skinks eat, the remainder that this post will comment on everything you have to know.

Overall Diet

Blue-tailed skinks are usually insectivores and tend to feeding on a diet of locusts, crickets, roaches, snails, slugs, and also worms. Lock can likewise eat slightly larger vertebrae prey, such as baby mice, smaller sized lizards, and frogs.Some blue-tailed skinks likewise eat plants, though insects and tiny animals continue to be their major food source


Insects are crucial prey for many blue-tailed skinks that live in the wild, and also usually kind the mass of their diet. In addition to the insects noted above, this lizards also eat grasshoppers, spiders, beetles, and also flies. Skinks will even eat the larval creates of these insects, if castle can discover them.Because of your insectivorous nature, feeding insects to your blue-tailed skink in captivity will mimic that diet in the wild.


Arachnids, such as spiders, scorpions, and also daddy longlegs, are additionally frequent meals that the blue-tailed skink.In the wild, blue tail skinks also consume this scorpions and spiders, despite their venom-delivering stingers and also fangs.Some adventurous keepers drop little arachnids into their blue-tailed skink’s tank native time to time. I don’t introduce this.While her skink can have funny catching and eating it, girlfriend should usually avoid feeding that spiders or scorpions. Their venomous stingers and also fangs can reason serious damage to her pet if they control to obtain through that defenses and also sting her lizard. This stings and also bites can reason sickness, paralysis, and even death, so it’s best not come mess through them.


Larger blue-tailed skinks won’t hesitate come devour smaller lizards in your environment. Feeding her skink the sometimes lizard could seem like a funny treat. However, it’s no a good idea.Not only can these lizards fight earlier and harm your skink, but they can additionally carry deadly parasites that can infect and harm your pet.Some the the more common parasitic infections brought by lizards room roundworms, hookworms, and pinworms. This creatures can reason your skink to experience from severe digestive issues, therefore it’s ideal to protect against them at all costs.You might be able to solve the parasite trouble by buying lizards bred in captivity. However, these space pretty expensive, so routinely incorporating lizards in her skink’s diet could break her budget.One more tip: If you have multiple lizards, don’t residence the smaller sized ones with your skink. They’ll probably finish up as breakfast.

Veggies and also fruits

Some blue-tailed skinks have a diet that is composed of up to 70 percent of eco-friendly leafy vegetables and fruits. If they choose insects, they can survive and also thrive on a mostly vegetarian diet.If you plan on feeding your skink fruits and veggies, these varieties are your best bet:KaleRed-tipped lettuceCollard greensApple slicesBerriesFigs

Soft-Bodied Prey

A majority of lizards, consisting of blue-tailed skinks, will eat earthworms once the possibility presents itself. Lock will also consume little snails and also slugs whenever possible.As a preeminence of thumb, only carry out your pet through snails that space the size of their eye or smaller.You should also ensure the slugs and snails are only gathered from regions in which pesticides haven’t been offered to save your pet safe and also healthy. Due to the fact that skinks room small, even a map amount that pesticide deserve to poison them.


Blue-tailed skinks also feed on rodents. If it’s rarely for blue-tailed skinks to conference nesting rodents, larger blue-tailed skinks will regularly eat little rodents if lock cross courses with one.You have the right to feed infant rodents to adult skinks, yet you can’t feeding them to infant skinks – castle won’t be able to chase or eat them easily.While a rodent might make for a nice sometimes treat, friend shouldn’t feed too countless to your pet. Lock are considerably harder come eat than insects and also plants, and your pets won’t evaluate the extra work-related they must put in to gain fed.If you execute decide come feed little rodents to her blue tailed skink, only administer them with killed rodents or frozen-thawed rodents. Not only will this defend your skink from injury, but it will also avoid causing unnecessary enduring to the rodents.

Top foodstuffs for Blue Tailed Skinks

Zoo Med Silkworms

If you’re looking for affordable, nutritious food for your blue-tailed skink, Zoo Med Silkworms (available ~ above Amazon) space a great bet.One of the key benefits that silkworms is exactly how easy they room to eat. Your exterior is quite soft contrasted to those of various other feeder insects. Her skink won’t need to chew through a tough exoskeleton to obtain its nutrition.On top of this, silkworms are likewise a an excellent source of essential amino acids and also healthy polyunsaturated fat. They space a healthy and also affordable meal for all lizards – skinks include.Also, the reptile neighborhood holds Zoo Med in high regard. The company has a long-standing reputation of release healthy and safe reptile products, for this reason you have the right to trust them to raise and harvest your lizard’s food.

Black Soldier fly Larvae

If you desire a live food resource rich in protein and also calcium, go v Symton huge Feeding Grade black Soldier paris Larvae (available on Amazon).This load comes through a 500 count of live larvae, therefore you have the right to expect come have sufficient food to critical a couple of weeks. If you’d like to select a different brant, this creatures additionally have other trade names. Find for phoenix worms, calciworms, and red worms.

Freeze Dried Crickets

Crickets room a tasty and healthy meal for blue-tailed skinks. If you setup on making use of crickets in her lizard’s diet, ns recommend Fluker’s freeze Dried Crickets (available top top Amazon).Crickets are among the major food sources for blue-tailed skinks in the wild. Because of this, it would be an ext than suitable to include some dried or live crickets to your skink’s daily diet.One point I like around the Fluker’s brand is the they feed your crickets a high calcium diet before freeze-drying them. This rises their nutritional value and also makes lock a far better choice end other choices that don’t have elevated calcium levels.

Additional feeding tips

The quantity of food the you must feed your blue-tailed skink relies on numerous factors, such as its size and also age. However, typically speaking, you need to offer babies and also younger blue-tailed skinks food together often and as much food together they like. If you have an adult, you have to feed that every other day.Younger skinks favor ants, worms, and centipedes – so try to uncover those if you’ve acquired a infant on your hands.It is best to place the food in a shallow dish. Once your pets is perfect eating, girlfriend should constantly remove any kind of leftover portions.Also, never make the failure of leave live prey in the cage or tank v your blue-tailed skink overnight. A frightened prey animal may cause injury or injury to your pet, occasionally severe enough for emergency care.Sprinkle some calcium or mineral powder on her lizard’s meal. That will rise their bone strength and make them healthier overall.Finally, if you desire to keep number of pet lizards, friend can advantage from culturing crickets or roaches at home to conserve money.

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Blue-tailed skinks eat insects, little animals, and also plants. While you deserve to technically feed them a wide variety of foodstuffs that fit among these 3 categories, there are a couple of options that room safer and healthier than the rest:CricketsSilkwormsFly larvaeWaxwormsMealwormsIf you’d favor an easy, affordable source of these healthy and balanced meals, the following recommended skink foodstuffs are all available on Amazon:Zoo Med SilkwormsSymton big Feeding Grade black color Soldier fly LarvaeFluker’s frozen Dried CricketsSourcesAnimal Spot: Blue-tailed SkinkBlue Ridge discovery Center: The mysterious blue-tailed skinkCaribbean Pets: Blue Tailed SkinkPetMD: Reptile parasites & Worms in Reptiles
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