Summary: thing XII

A fight breaks out together Hawkeye and the Mohicans attackthe Hurons, whose rifles have been collection aside. In the battle, Uncassaves Cora and Chingachgook i do not care locked in hand-to-hand combat withMagua, that escapes just by feigning his own death. Hawkeye and theMohicans soundly loss the continuing to be Hurons and free the prisoners.Chingachgook scalps the dead victims, when Heyward and also Uncas ensurethe health of Cora and also Alice. After Hawkeye release Gamut,they argue about the efficacy that prayer-song. Hawkeye cites thepragmatic necessities of battle to advice the psalmodist come abandonthe useless weapon the the key pipe. Resisting Hawkeye’s logic,Gamut responds by citing the religious doctrine the predeterminationand singing another song. Skipping the performance, Hawkeye reloadshis rifle, and the group starts to travel northward toward FortWilliam Henry. Hawkeye explains that v the brilliant help of Uncashe and Chingachgook flourished in tracking the Hurons because that twentymiles.

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Summary: thing XIII

The party travels to a damaged blockhouse whereby Chingachgookand Hawkeye won a battle many year before. The memorial website spurs Hawkeyeto explain the Mohicans together the critical of your tribe. The group,with the exception of Chingachgook, sleeps until nightfall, whensounds of nearby enemies reason alarm. The sounds they hear room madeby the Hurons, who have actually lost their way. 2 Indians approach, buttheir respect for the memorial website keeps castle away. After the Huronsdepart, the group continues toward the fort.

Summary: chapter XIV

The team treads barefoot with a stream in order tohide its tracks. They pass a pond, and also Hawkeye tellsthe group it is filled with corpses the slain French soldiers. Asthey near the besieged ft William Henry, they encounter a Frenchsentinel. Heyward speak to that in French, distracting that whileChingachgook sneaks as much as the sentinel, death him, and also scalps him.Firing division out in between English troops protecting the fort andFrench forces, and also the crossfire put the party in danger. Thickfog conceals them, however, and also they effort to find their means tothe ft through the sounds of battle. The French pressures pursuethem, yet they arrive at the ft safely. Together they get in the fort,Colonel Munro weeps and also embraces his daughters.

Summary: thing XV

Five days right into the siege of fort William Henry, Heywarddiscovers that the French have captured Hawkeye. Within the fort,Heyward sees Alice, who teases the for not seeing her and her sisterenough, and Cora, who seems distressed. Despite the French forceseventually release Hawkeye, the French leader Montcalm keeps theletter that Hawkeye carried from general Webb. Montcalm requestsa meeting v Munro, but Munro sends out Heyward in his place. The Frenchgeneral urges significant Heyward come surrender, reminding him that France’sbloodthirsty Indian allies are daunting to organize in check.

Summary: thing XVI

Heyward walk to find Munro, planning come report Montcalm’smessage that the English must surrender. He find Munro idlingwith his daughters. Come Heyward’s surprise, Munro seems uninterestedin Montcalm’s proposal. He accuses Heyward of racism because that preferring Aliceto Cora. Munro reveals that Cora and Alice have different mothers.Cora’s mother, Munro’s an initial wife, to be from the West Indies andwas component “Negro.” as soon as Munro’s an initial wife died, he returned to Scotlandand married his childhood sweetheart. Heyward heartily denies thathe thinks less of Cora because of her mixed race, but silently headmits his racism. Munro and Heyward go back to the French encampmentto meet with Montcalm, who hands end Webb’s letter advising Munroto surrender the ft to the French. Montcalm speak Munro the ifthe English surrender, they will get to save their arms, baggage,and colors, and the French will certainly ensure the the Indians perform not attackthem. Munro accepts the offer and also leaves Heyward come finalize thedetails.

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Summary: chapter XVII

After dawn, the English slowly paper out that the fort, surroundedby columns of solemn French soldiers and leering Indians. One ofthe indians tries to take it a shawl from an Englishwoman together she overcome by.When she traction the shawl away from him, he seizes her baby and also smashesit against the rocks. Then he sink his tomahawk into the mother’sskull. Magua begins yelling the frenzied Indian war whoop, and theIndians strike the English, slaughtering them and drinking theirblood. Munro storms with the fight to discover Montcalm,ignoring also Alice’s cries for help. Magua sees Alice faintingand hurries away with her. Cora chases after ~ him, complied with by Gamut,who has actually been singing throughout the fight in order to confuse theIndians and keep them far from the young women. As the fight abates,the Indians start looting the bodies of their victims.