In this article, us will lastly go detailed into the manufacturing of navy. In fact, you can be wondering what colors do navy blue.

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When you think about navy blue, few of the first things that concerned mind space your favourite pair that jeans, the depths of the ocean, and also not surprisingly, the well known Doctor Who phone booth.

The color may also remind friend of calm and also peaceful days.

So, even if it is you are planning come dye your blue jeans the perfect shade of blue, painting your walls, or just familiarizing yourself v the art of color mixing, knowing how to achieve a marine blue result is a must.

After all, this shade is something the we check out in our day-to-day lives.

While us are currently accustomed come the color, learning how to make it can be a little tricky. Due to the fact that of this, trying out with various colors and also shades is essential. This way, you can recreate your favorite shade whenever friend like!

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Navy blue is similar to the primary shade blue and all other shades within this family. This is because it’s base color is blue.

However, marine blue itself takes top top a deeper and darker appearance contrasted to others. Due to the fact that this is no a main color, making navy blue needs the visibility of 2 or more colors.

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A Brief development to shade Theory

Before we delve right into the nitty-gritty that what colors make navy blue, it is best to start with a more thorough grasp of color theory and the relationships between colors.

Back in major or also in middle school, us learned about the shade wheel and color theory. The most usual colors us learned were part of 3 major groups: primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.


Using the primary shade blue and also the neutral color black, you can attain the marine blue color you space looking for.

But, sometimes these two alone are enough to get navy.

However, if friend don’t have actually the color black with you, don’t worry. Girlfriend can additionally experiment with mixing various other colors.

Try including orange, red and yellow, to the primary shade blue. Carry out this a small at a time until you with the best shade.

After you are done combining these, girlfriend can easily darken or lighten marine blue depending upon your preference.

Remember to include black if you want to err top top the darker side and add white if girlfriend feel favor you have actually made the mixture a small too dark.

Navy Blue in Design

These days, marine blue is consistently seen in internal decorations, particularly in homes and even luxury ateliers. Follow to architectural Digest, marine blue is considered the new black, primarily since it boundaries on the rich and also intense without showing up too dark and gloomy.

As a relatively neutral color, navy blue serves as the perfect background for virtually all colors. In particular, black, gold, silver, and also other metallic shades work-related well v this color.

Because of its mute tone, it pairs beautifully with warmer shades, such together the heat browns that wood, brass, brick, and also other similar accents.

The Bottom Line

With this overview in mind, you’ll definitely come up with the perfect navy blue in no time. Feel complimentary to experiment v colors and also use this timeless shade in just around any means you wish.

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From decorating her walls, incorporating it in your wardrobe or also doing her makeup – there are limitless possibilities.