From pheasant blouses to polo shirts and also dress shirts, you can opt to wear range of different tops and even shoes through blue shorts, consisting of blue denim shorts, turquoise blue shorts, and navy blue shorts, indigenous dressy outfits come casual ones, we have actually the proposal for you.

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Source: Men’s USA

Yes, you deserve to have a blue suit for either guys or women that attribute navy shorts rather of blue pants. Among the well-known styles because that this summer is a pair of navy blue shorts with a navy blue blazer. Women can pair the ensemble with a white camisole height while men have the right to simply throw on a white short-sleeved button-up shirt.

This navy suit provides a an excellent outfit come wear to a service lunch or an ext casually for a brunch v friends. Friend can add a pair that white sandals to complete this ensemble or brown shoes or sandals for men.

Denim Shorts


If girlfriend love the look and feel of blue jeans however it is too hot exterior to don a pair, litter on a pair that blue denim shorts. Much like a pair of basic black shorts, the fun part about this form of blue jean shorts is that you have the right to pair them v anything due to the fact that most clothing options go well v blue denim and you deserve to dress castle up for fancier occasions or dress them down for much more casual ones.

You deserve to even include a denim jacket for those cool nights the you need something on her arms or to dress it approximately resemble a shorts suit for a an ext formal chance or job-related event.

Blue Linen Shorts


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Blue linen shorts space a an excellent option for males or women during the summer since linen is a cool, clean fabric. You have the right to wear a pair of irradiate blue linen shorts through a white shirt or also a striped optimal or published that has the same shade of blue running with it. On slide on a pair the brown or tan loafers and you are ready to roll while making a fashion statement.

Blue Pleated Shorts


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Whether girlfriend opt for pair of irradiate blue or grey pleated shorts or a darker the shade of blue, shade blocking is every the fury right currently in the civilization of fashion. You can pair a glowing yellow top with a tool shade the blue and head the end on the city donning your new trousers while turning heads. This is a an excellent look for males or women and will include some shade into the world.

You can even throw on a pair of black shoes to add some an ext basic shade to her color-blocking ensemble.

Blue Chino Shorts for males or Women


Source: Uniqlo

A pair of light or dark blue chino shorts will certainly look remarkable with a pink shirts or some type of polo shirt. You deserve to pair a simple pair the blue chino shorts with a brown belt to help contrast the various colors in this form of ensemble for summer. Friend can also opt come wear a dress shirt v these types of blue shorts so that you have the right to wear this outfit to a company meeting or crucial appointment the is going to propel your life to relocate forward.

Blue Cargo Shorts


Put top top a pair that turquoise blue cargo shorts with a quite white dress shirt for a casual however dressy look. Girlfriend can additionally get this very same look with a tan, yellow, pink, brown, or black top and match increase a sandal or sneaker shade to match your top. This is a good look and likewise a an extremely comfortable however stylish outfit.

Blue Shirt with Blue Shorts

You can enhance up a dark-colored blue top with a pair that blue denim or other lighter-colored blue shorts and make it look wonderful This deserve to work for both men’s and also women’s outfits. It have the right to be a casual look or a dressier one, depending on the occasion in i m sorry you will certainly wear it.

You can include a blue shoe with it or a pair of brown or tan sandals to finish the look.

Turquoise Blue Shorts


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This pair the turquoise blue shorts is an extremely close to the pair I freshly purchased. So far, I have paired them with a white optimal with white sandals and also another time, i wore them through a black height with a pair of black color sandals. A multi-colored top with this same shade that blue in it would certainly be wonderful to shot and ns will once I locate the form of shirt layout I choose to go through them.

Blue High Waisted Shorts

Source: Missguided

This pair the high-waisted irradiate blue shorts paired v a equivalent blazer and light-colored tank optimal would make a great outfit for occupational or play. High waisted shorts room not just comfortable, they are very stylish however work largely as shorts because that women fairly than men and women. This ensemble would certainly make a nice casual outfit to wear come a party this summer or to work-related at the office because that a business meeting.

FAQs about Blue Shorts and also What to Wear through Them

What does words espadrille mean?

It is a kind of sandal that nearly always boasts an top made of fabric and also a versatile sole. They are stylish and also comfortable. A blue pair the this kind of shoe in the exact same shade as a pair that blue shorts would certainly be really pretty and classy.

What is the point of a capsule wardrobe?

The objective of a capsule wardrobe is to be able to have a arsenal of essential and classic pieces in your closet after ~ pairing her wardrobe down that includes pieces that can be mixed and also matched. Blue shorts or trousers are always a great option to store on hand because the shade can be paired with a multitude of different tops and also shoes.

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Why is blue a good color because that shorts?

Blue shorts are simple to complement with variety of various colors and also styles. From pheasant blouses and also button-up dress shirts to polo shirts and also T-Shirts, you deserve to dress up a pair the blue shorts or dress them down depending upon the look and also style you are going for and also where you will certainly be wearing your outfit.