Some say "aluminum" heads are to blame. Fine aluminum is softer than cast iron. However why is it generally Fords that have actually the issue? Why don"t we hear about Chevys, Chryslers and also Honda engines spitting out spark plugs? We have kits for those too, however usually once they have actually problems, it"s due to the fact that their subject were in reality damaged from someone cross-threading spark plugs as soon as installing them. Not the usual Ford spark plug blowout trouble that we aid people through that typically happens when driving under the road.

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Not to get off topic, however here"s a fast tip: When starting a brand-new spark plug in the hole, always thread it in by hand a couple of threads. Making use of a 3/8" rubber fuel hose end one finish makes starting a spark plug without damaging the threads a lot easier. It enables enough versatility to line up properly and will protect against "force starting" which can easily damage the threads.

Back to the main topic the why Ford has actually an worry with spark plug blowouts: some say, it"s because Ford only provides 4 or 5 object to host the spark plug from the factory. That"s true in part cases, but we have had plenty of failures reported to us from ours customers the had fully threaded spark plug holes together well.

Some that create on this topic online, obviously have absolutely no automotive experience. They say an electric charge once the spark plug is too tight is somehow damaging the threads.... OK, I"m scratching my head over this one, since there"s no reasonable in that statement. First off an electric charge capable of degrading aluminum can occur in my experience just in fluid, choose coolant. It"s dubbed electrolysis and it have the right to erode away metal. Usually brought about by voltage being current in the coolant. You deserve to actually test this with a meter. Much more than a 1/2 volt there"s potential because that a problem. It"s one factor to change your coolant at the encourage intervals (or maybe even a small sooner). I"ve personally seen leaky head gaskets because of electrolysis leading to pitted heads. However it will not cause spark plug blowout!

Some speak to examine the torque on the spark plugs every 5,000 miles. Room you kidding me? who does that? castle may have actually accidentally stumbled top top the actual area of concern though. A loosened spark plug, particularly one that is hosted in over with an ignition coil have the right to vibrate and also damage aluminum threads. It in reality would carry out less damage if that were allowed to earlier on out without being hosted by the coil. For this reason a loosened spark plug is the many common cause of a spark plug blowout. We recommend NOT using anti seize, since this can alter torque specs. Make sure you"re utilizing the latest torque specs. Older manuals may have an untrue lower setting of around 20 ft pounds. About 28-30 ft pounds appears to be the correct selection for many 4.6, 5.4 and 6.8 Liter Fords. Also make certain you"re not making use of inch pounds!

When a spark plug lets loose on a COP (Coil over Plug) you might think someone is shooting at you! Here"s what a recent customer had to say about his spark plug punch out, once the sparkplug shoot out favor a bullet and also broke the ignition coil in the process.

"It startled me when it happened as i was beginning to accelerate from a web traffic signal when the spark plug blew out! Sounded choose a pistol shot and also it freaked the end the motorist in the ideal lane beside me."

We handle troubles like this every work (even after parts store kit fail). And unlike countless sellers online, we have actually hands on suffer so we"re far better equipped to aid our customers uncover the finest spark plug thread fix kit. We also email "Tips" once a blown the end spark plug thread repair kit is purchased indigenous or Simply write the word "Tips" in the comment section when discovering or if ordering by phone simply ask united state to email the Tips. Have questions around spark plug repair? give us a call.

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We"ve been marketing specialty tools and also aluminum thread fix kits since 2005. Call for help in detect the ideal spark plug thread fix kit for your applications at 800-734-8665 x251 or provide your details by making use of our contact Form.