In the mid-1800s, throughout the victor era, there to be a rejection of every profanity and also so the typical people occurred a wide variety of malapropisms to prevent swearing on divine names. Soon, one can hear Cripes and also Crikey change “Christ” and Dangnabit replace “G*d damn it” and Cheese ‘n’ Rice change “Jesus Christ.” The expression Suffering Succotash changed “Suffering Savior.”

Today the latter phrase is well-known only as an expression the annoyance and also surprise by man cartoon characters such as Sylvester the Cat and Daffy Duck. Was the expression quiet in vogue as soon as the Looney melody cartoons were made, or go the cartoons resurrect one expression that had currently lapsed native the American lexicon?

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I don"t see any evidence the it was ever a typical expression before the cartoon.

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Minced oaths usually date earlier much additional than the 1800s. Socrates and Aristophanes offer us examples in ancient Greek, and several slurrings the oaths exist in native the early contemporary period on.

They exist now too in human being saying "gosh" and also so on, in addition to a variation for lavatorial and also sexual expletives (sugar because that shit, fricken because that fucking and also so on). They often tend to be regularly localised in form, through for instance jaysus for Jesus only appearing in and around Dublin, Ireland (a pronunciation that would certainly once have actually been provided only in some Dublin accents being adapted by various other Dubliners exclusively for non-religious senses) and also various expressions coming in and out of favour similar to local slang expressions one finds varying greatly approximately the world.

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Because that the good variety in genuine use, and the included requirement for such supplies in some media (where the writer is not enabled to have actually Sylvester the Cat say "God-damn the fucking mouse!"), and also the fact that many writers are writers and also writers prefer playing with words, minced oaths have a greater selection in fiction than in real life (though life frequently imitates art in this regard). Holy Inventive Phrasing, Batman!

As such, "suffering succotash" was most likely used precisely because it wasn"t really likely to be heard together an yes, really minced oath and also that, linked with the chiming of /sʌ/ in both words, and also so is humorous. Indeed, in this situation it would certainly not so lot be a issue of the cat"s swearing being replaced by a minced oath as with the naff that "Porridge" and also the smeg that "Red Dwarf" (where we can expect expletives to it is in a larger component of the characters" vocabulary if allowed) but rather he uses funny minced oaths purely since they are funny.