Cinnamon is just one of the most delicious and also aromatic flavors in the world. The is additionally a favourite of practically everyone. Cinnamon deserve to be used in a huge variety of dishes including bakes, mulled wine, curries, and casseroles.

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Cinnamon is surprisingly versatile but it is mostly used during Christmastime. The contempt sweet and also slightly smoky odor of this spice is warming and also wholesome. For a most people, when they odor cinnamon, they odor Christmas.

Cinnamon can be used in a huge variety of ways. And also it is additionally used all across the civilization in so plenty of dishes.

But, what can you execute if you have used increase all your cinnamon in her last batch the cookies and also need to make more? Luckily, there are plenty of points you have the right to use to replace cinnamon that you likely already have in your kitchen cabinet or summer sprouts rack.

And if girlfriend don’t enjoy the in its entirety taste and also texture the cinnamon (ground cinnamon no dissolve or mix well and can finish up sitting as sediment).

So don’t worry, we’ve consisted of a variety of different spices to replace cinnamon. But likewise a method to incorporate the odor of cinnamon into your dish or drink, without the grittiness that the ground bark.

Here is our complete guide to making use of cinnamon and also the finest substitutes for cinnamon.


Origins of Cinnamon

Before we acquire into the ideal things come swap out cinnamon for, let’s walk over precisely what cinnamon is and also how it became such a popular seasoning in our food.

Cinnamon, together we have actually hinted at above, is a tree bark. You will likely have seen cinnamon sticks the look like small pieces of timber rolled up. This is due to the fact that that is practically exactly what cinnamon is. The is always surprising once we see where food come from, specifically spices.

Cinnamon is harvest by scraping and pulling turn off layers of the inside bark of specific trees. Over there is no one specific kind the tree that cinnamon comes from. However all trees that create cinnamon bark space from the tree genus Cinnamonum.

Cinnamon is mostly grown and produced in China and Indonesia. In 2018, China created 30% of the world cinnamon supply. And also Indonesia produced 40%.

History the Cinnamon Usage

Cinnamon has actually been used since ancient times. Us don’t know precisely when the was first discovered and also humans have actually likely been using it because that millennia. What we do recognize is the cinnamon to be imported to Egypt as early on as 2,000 BCE.

Cinnamon, likewise to numerous other spices, was very highly prized. That was frequently given together a gift to monarchs and also was thought about a rare and expensive substance.

Today, you have the right to easily discover cinnamon in your neighborhood grocery store. In fact, if you to be to questioning most world to surname the an initial spice they have the right to think of, castle will most likely say “cinnamon”.

Uses the Cinnamon

As us have already mentioned, cinnamon is hugely well-known in key from roughly the world. It can be used in both sweet and also savory dishes. Although, in the US, cinnamon is most frequently used in sweet dishes, especially throughout the winter months and also around Christmastime.

Here is our short rundown of the main ways cinnamon is used and also what can be substituted. But, make sure to review on or scroll under for our thorough guide for every type of substitute for cinnamon.

Cinnamon in Sweet Dishes

Sweet dishes room the most well-known for the addition of cinnamon. Cakes and other bakes are constantly made better with a dash the cinnamon. As space pancakes, waffles, and french toast. However there room so countless other means of gaining the same aromatic warmth with various other spices.

The best substitutes for cinnamon in sweet dishes room nutmeg, ginger, and allspice. If you have some, ready-made “pumpkin spice” powders are also a an excellent option.

Pumpkin freckles has come to be an expected function of every autumn. Even if it is you deride it as “basic” or count down the days until the leaves start to fall and also you can gain your very first sip the a pumpkin spice latte.

But, pumpkin spice no actually have anything to carry out with pumpkins. Instead, it is primarily comprised of flavors such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and also ginger.

So, if you can not find any cinnamon or have actually run out, ready-made pumpkin freckles seasoning must be the perfect replacement. Particularly from September with December wherein you won’t have the ability to move for pumpkin spice.

Cinnamon in Savory Dishes

Cinnamon is less renowned in savory dishes. However this is definitely to the hinderance of this dishes.

Cinnamon is an impressive spice to usage in curries, chillies, and also casseroles. If you are trying to make a korma an ext flavorful yet not any type of hotter, cinnamon is the perfect addition.

But what deserve to you usage if friend don’t have cinnamon? The ideal substitutes because that cinnamon in savory dishes include star anise, ginger, and cloves.

These ingredients all have actually a similar aromatic flavor come cinnamon. However are better suited come savory dishes as result of their earthy and also smoky flavors.

Cinnamon in Drinks

The drink in i m sorry cinnamon is most frequently used is mulled wine. However it is frequently used in hot chocolate, coffee, and also tea.

Cinnamon is really warming and is great for her health. That is regularly used in hot coco as a flavoring. Yet it is likewise often provided in coffee, specifically black coffee, to improve the wellness benefits currently found in black coffee.

But, unfortunately, cinnamon is most commonly sold in grounds. This grounds execute not dissolve for this reason they room not a an excellent option for consisting of in drinks.

One means to instead of the cinnamon grounds in coffee is by using cinnamon extract or cinnamon sticks. Although floor cinnamon is easier to come by and usually more aromatic. Cinnamon sticks space a an excellent way of including a odor of cinnamon come something without having actually to filter out the grounds of tree bark.

Best Substitutes for Cinnamon

So, now you have an overview of the ideal ways to instead of cinnamon, here is our thorough guide to the finest substitutes.

Read on because that the best substitutes, the best dishes to use them in, and also the finest ways to do them together close to cinnamon as possible.

Plus, just in situation you’re make the efforts to discover a replacement as you cannot was standing cinnamon however still desire a spice with a smoky, sweet, and also earthy flavor, we’ve also included every the means in which details spices aren’t choose cinnamon.



Nutmeg is a spice that is rarely provided alone. However it is very commonly provided alongside cinnamon. The has, as the name suggests, rather a nutty flavor. But it still has the warming and aromatic smell of cinnamon.

Nutmeg is good for both sweet and savory dishes. This is because of that nutty and nearly peppery flavors. Nutmeg can be supplied in key such together curries. In much the same means as cinnamon. As cinnamon is often sold ground up in a powder, you deserve to simply instead of the exact same amount of nutmeg because that cinnamon.

Nutmeg is also good for sweet dishes. Nutmeg is a very comparable spice to cinnamon. But it is tho quite various from cinnamon.

Nutmeg has actually a sharper and also deeper flavor 보다 cinnamon. So the will possibly be important to include in part extra sugar or sweetener come the dish. This will counter the sharpness that the nutmeg the isn’t existing in cinnamon.

Unlike piece of clove or star anise, nutmeg certainly cannot be offered whole. Nutmeg is actually a seed that is soil down. Indigenous its outside appearance, it would certainly be easy to wrong nutmeg because that a walnut.

But, once it is opened, the within of a nutmeg particle is solid. It is really rare to check out nutmeg marketed whole and in its organic state. This is because it is next to impossible to use choose this. So, nutmeg is virtually always offered in grounds.



Ginger is a spice the is frequently used in combination with cinnamon. But it is likewise used alone an extremely often. Ginger can be sold fresh in its herbal root kind or dried and also ground up.

If you want to usage ginger to instead of cinnamon, climate it’s finest to buy the dried and ground up. Because that this, you can simply substitute the same amount of floor cinnamon because that ground ginger.

But, although ginger can be supplied in both sweet and savory dishes, it has actually quite a various flavor from cinnamon. Vice versa, cinnamon has actually a rich and also smoky flavor, ginger has actually a sharp and sweet flavor. So, if you desire to accurately change cinnamon through ginger, it’s a an excellent idea come also add in some nutmeg or an additional spice as well.

Ginger, together we have already mentioned, can be provided in both sweet and savory dishes. It can be supplied in the ground and dried state. But likewise in its fresh form. If you desire a stronger flavor than ground ginger, new ginger is the method to go.

Fresh ginger can be to buy in that is strange and also gnarled root shape. That is ideal used as soon as peeled and grated directly into the food. Ginger has a very strong flavor so you will certainly only require a very tiny amount contrasted to dried and also ground ginger.

Ginger is additionally incredibly great for you. Ginger tea can aid with nausea, patience you down, and boost your immune system. Shots that ginger juice or ginger water have end up being a fad in recent years.

People often down a shoot of ginger every morning. This have the right to wake you up and also get you all set for the day. But it’s additionally a an excellent way of offering your body a many the energy and also antioxidants the it needs.



Cloves have a very strong flavor. If you have actually ever consumed a clove-spiced ham and accidentally consumed a piece, you will absolutely have known around it. Unequal cinnamon, cloves have to be removed from foods before they space served.

Cloves have the right to be provided in sweet dishes. But they are much better suited to savory dishes. Cloves deserve to be offered in key such as curries, meats, sauces, and also chutneys.

Cloves have actually a very strong and sharp flavor. This is the ideal substitute if you’re searching for something aromatic and pungent but not as well sweet.

Cloves are shaped almost like little black screws. Unlike cinnamon, it cannot be floor down. So cloves are marketed whole. Also unlike cinnamon, whole cloves are relatively soft however they are likewise chewy.

They are not hard bark but rather soft flower buds. This makes them daunting to grind down but also challenging to chew and also swallow.

Directly eating a clove will be far too solid and no at every pleasant. Cloves will include an aroma that will certainly be lot heavier 보다 cinnamon.

Although cloves are usually marketed whole, they deserve to sometimes be marketed in grounds. This is nice rare yet it is possible to uncover it if girlfriend really want to shot it out.

Similarly to whole cloves, soil cloves are best used for savory dishes. Soil cloves have the right to be used for flavoring meats, chilis, and curries. But, simply make certain not come use too much. Even ground cloves can have a an extremely intense flavor.

Star Anise


Star anise is frequently used in combination with cinnamon. It has a comparable texture however is an extremely different in shape. Lock are, as the surname suggests, shaped choose a star. The smell of star anise is practically a cross between cinnamon and licorice.

The aniseed smell of star anise, additionally suggested by its name, to add something a tiny different than cinnamon. The smell is similar to cinnamon in regards to warmth and also aroma. However it is various as it has actually a lot sharper taste.

However, the aniseed flavor is no overpowering. It definitely won’t taste as though you have chopped increase a licorice source for her curry.

Star anise is a an excellent addition to a savory dish together it doesn’t have a specifically sweet flavor. The flavor can be provided in sweet dishes.

But the format in which the is sold makes it daunting to include. Star anise is sold in its heavy star shape and also is rarely uncovered ground. This method that, likewise to cloves, star anise must be gotten rid of from foods prior to they space eaten.

Eating star anise isn’t bad for you. But, an in similar way to cloves, they have a very solid flavor the is not specifically pleasant once they room bitten into.


This could be a little bit of a surprising inclusion. But, if you have read with some other options, you will certainly realize simply how many different bowl cinnamon is offered in. There is a pretty an excellent chance that you have consumed cinnamon in particular dishes without also knowing it. This will certainly most likely be in curries and chilis.

So, with these type of key in mind, cardamon seems favor a much much less surprising option. Cardamom doesn’t quite have the very same flavor as cinnamon. However it does have the same kind of warmth and aromatic flavoring. This method that it is a good ingredient to encompass in curries.

Cardamom is almost always marketed in pods. This method that they can be quite intense if eaten whole. If you encompass them in a dish, such together a curry, the a an excellent idea to try and fish them out if girlfriend can. But, the pods room quite small so this have the right to be difficult.

This way you can end up chewing one or two. Cardamom pods room spicy and warm, an in similar way to cinnamon, but they have actually a cheater taste. This method that it’s no the many pleasant smell when eaten directly.

Surprisingly, cardamom can also be provided in sweet dishes. Together it isn’t sold ground, it can not be supplied in specifically the same means as cinnamon. You certainly won’t be using cardamom pods to flavor French Toast or ice cream.

But, if you’re looking for a cinnamon instead of that will make a warm and also spicy cake, then you absolutely require to try cardamom. Unlike cinnamon, cardamom doesn’t have quite the exact same seasonal association as cinnamon does because that Fall and Christmastime. However cardamom is a great spice to use in a warming loss or winter cake.

Cardamom have the right to be used together with apples and also pears. Likewise to various other seasonal spices. But, friend can likewise eat cardamom in dishes during the summer. This method that the can likewise be used with other seasonal fruit such as peaches.

Cardamom isn’t rather the very same as cinnamon. However it is just as versatile. It’s simply versatile for different dishes.


Allspice, regardless of its name, is actually just one specific kind the spice. Allspice is no a mix of seasonings as “5 Spice” or various other spice seasonings are.

Allspice is also known as “Jamaica pepper”, “myrtle pepper”, “pimenta”, or “pimento”. Unlike other substitutes on this list, allspice is not a seed nor a root but a berry. Allspice is make from drying out and grinding under the unripe berry that the Pimenta plant.

Allspice is most commonly found, like cinnamon, dried out and ground up. Yet it can additionally be bought dried in its organic berry shape. This means that girlfriend can quickly substitute in soil cinnamon for ground allspice.

But it can additionally be supplied as a removable flavoring in the same means cinnamon sticks, cloves, and also star anise.

Pumpkin spice Seasoning

As we have mentioned above, pumpkin summer sprouts seasoning no really have actually anything to execute with pumpkins.

Pumpkin spice seasoning, together you would imagine, is ideal suited come sweeter dishes. This is due to the fact that of the mixture of flavors but additionally because most pumpkin summer sprouts seasoning will certainly likely have sugar or sweeteners added in.

Pumpkin freckles seasoning usually has cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and also other likewise warm and aromatic spices. This way that it can even be a far better alternative because that cinnamon.

It will include something slightly various to her dishes. The different spices contained will administer an even more intense, sweeter, and aromatic flavor.

Pumpkin spice assets are mainly sweet. These encompass coffee, desserts, cakes, and chocolate. So, if you’re trying to find an easy way to add some sweetness and also spice come a dish, ready-made pumpkin summer sprouts seasoning is the method to go.

Pumpkin spice gets a bad reputation for being “basic” or boring. However it’s a super easy way to include lots of complicated spices and also flavors come a dish. It’s definitely not something to overlook just because it is regularly mocked.

Cinnamon Extract

This is a great way to add in the odor of cinnamon without having actually to usage the physical grounds or sticks.

Grounds can not be dissolved and also sticks need to be removed. So no are suitable for including into coffee, mousses, or various other dishes the don’t call for baking or need cinnamon included but cannot later be removed.

Extracts are an easy (if rather artificial) way of adding flavor come a dish. Cinnamon extract will be finest suited to sweet dishes and bakes. This is due to the fact that cinnamon extract will have a concentrated flavor. This way that that won’t have quite the same heavy and also aromatic flavor that fresh cinnamon will certainly provide.

Cinnamon extract also won’t carry out you v the health and wellness benefits the fresh organic cinnamon does. This is due to the fact that it has actually been concentrated.

Cinnamon extract consists of some elements of new cinnamon. But it will additionally include other ingredients such as preservatives. This aren’t necessarily negative for you. But they will impact the flavor.

Although cinnamon is just one of the many versatile and popular flavors and also spices, that isn’t uncovered in extract type very often.

So you can need come visit a baking and also cooking store to discover this. You likely won’t find it in the baking aisle of your neighborhood grocery store next to the vanilla extract.


Cassia, additionally often dubbed “Chinese cinnamon”, is a close loved one of the more traditional and also well-known cinnamon.

It is also often marketed in bark kind as cinnamon is. This will occasionally look comparable to the rolls of cinnamon bark.

But that is also commonly sold in little strips that bark. This is an ext similar to the bark friend would check out on many other trees, such together an oak.

Cassia can likewise sometimes be sold in grounds. This is a good option if you can’t seem to find any cinnamon however need a really close substitute.

Frequently asked Questions

What can I substitute for cinnamon in banana bread?

Cinnamon is generally used in banana bread recipes, however, if you in a bind and a recipe calls because that it, nutmeg is a great substitute because that cinnamon. Back nutmeg is rarely offered as a summer sprouts alone, it is regularly used in associate with other spices, specifically cinnamon, as it has a comparable earthy tone.

Nutmeg is exceptionally versatile and also is a great aromatic spice because that both sweet and savory dishes. The being said, it will lug a nutty warmth to your banana bread the will add to the delicious, rounded odor that will leave anyone wanting more.

However, you need to be mindful the nutmeg have the right to have a sharper and also deeper odor in comparison come cinnamon, for this reason you could want come compensate because that that v a dash that sugar. The being said, together a freckles many people use alongside cinnamon, nutmeg will compliment your banana bread beautifully.

Does allspice contain cinnamon?

Although allspice walk contain every the flavors of cloves, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon combined, contradictory to renowned belief, allspice is no a mix of different spices. Instead, the smell of allspice comes from the dried unripe berry the the Pimenta dioica tree.

Allspice is indigenous to the Caribbean, Mexico, and main America, and also is exceptionally versatile thanks to its varied flavor profile. Allspice is aromatic and also pungent, offering a odor reminiscent of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, with slight peppery overtones. However, you need to be mindful that part spice companies sell a mixture of spices labeled as ‘allspice’, so friend will need to examine the ingredients to make sure that you"re getting suitable allspice.

You can substitute up to 1/2 teaspoon of soil allspice in recipes that call for the entirety allspice berry (equalling around 6 allspice berries), or an identical mixture that the cloves, cinnamon, and also nutmeg.

Is nutmeg the very same as cinnamon?

No, nutmeg is not the exact same as cinnamon, and also they are commonly used together in a range of sweet and savory recipes. However, that being said, you can use nutmeg to substitute for cinnamon if you discover yourself there is no it.

Although they"re both delicious, versatile, and also can job-related well together, there are some far-ranging differences when it concerns nutmeg and cinnamon.

In regards to volume, you have the right to use much more cinnamon than nutmeg. Nutmeg is ‘a dash of’ type of spice, when cinnamon can be combined with butter or sugar and can be offered in bigger quantities without overpowering the dish.

Whereas cinnamon is from the bark of a tree, nutmeg is the seed of the nutmeg fruit. When the cinnamon bark is stripped from the tree and dried, the particle of the nutmeg fruit is dried in that shell and then ground or marketed whole.

What is the difference between allspice and cinnamon?

Cinnamon and also allspice are both exceptionally versatile spices that can both be provided in a wide range of sweet and savory dishes.

Whereas allspice comes from the dried unripe berry that the Pimenta dioica tree, cinnamon originates from dried aromatic bark obtained from dozens of arrays of evergreen trees the belong to the genus Cinnamomum. The key difference in between them is that allspice has a considerably deeper flavor, together it draws on notes of clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, and also black pepper. That being said, these seasonings both job-related well to include depth to her dish.

While you can associate cinnamon with sweet dishes and also Christmas and also seasonal flavors, allspice is a basic component the Caribbean cuisine. Because that instance, in the French-speaking Caribbean, allspice is used typically to season seafood dishes and Creole sausage.


Overall, cinnamon is one of the easiest flavors and also spices come substitute. There are lots of different spices that have a similar flavor and also aromatic significance to cinnamon.

These can be offered as a direct substitution. However they are ideal used in combination with every other.

For example, ginger and also nutmeg will balance each various other out and administer a much better substitution than using one individually.

The finest substitution for cinnamon is allspice or nutmeg. These room the seasonings which room closest in both flavor and also overall versatility. Lock are likewise both really aromatic and warming.

But, if you’re looking for a spice that will administer you through the wellness benefits associated with cinnamon, climate ginger is the way to go. In fact, ginger has even much more health benefits 보다 cinnamon.

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But it has actually a sharper, virtually zesty flavor contrasted to cinnamon. For this reason it’s ideal used in mix with nutmeg or allspice.