Lawrence, a traveling merchant searching for profit, finds a naked girl v the ears and also tail of a wolf asleep in his cart. Her surname is Holo - a harvest goddess v an untamed beast lurking inside who longs to go back to her beloved northern home.

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A merchant named Lawrence to meet Holo, a girl with the ears and tail that a wolf. An ancient goddess that longs to go back to her northern home, she joins Lawrence in his travels.

Lawrence and also Holo fulfill a young vendor who share a plan he really hopes will lug profit. Holo teaches Lawrence just how to relate come folks who may wish to deceive.

Holo's wily charm help Lawrence get a good price in a fur trade, and the money trading scheme might be too great to be true.

Following one ambush by company competitors, Lawrence receives a letter i beg your pardon holds mental information regarding Holo's plight.

In the midst of rescuing Holo, Lawrence learns the the challenge behind the recent shady dealings is really familiar.
Lawrence and also Holo can be be separate for good after the untamed girl unleashes she powers to loss a threat lurking in ~ the city.
Lawrence provides his crafty business sense (while Holo uses her significant charisma) to acquire a an excellent deal on part expensive clothes.
Amid rumors of peril ahead, Holo and Lawrence move on after exposing a swindler. The following soul encountered ~ above the roadway north provides the little wolf really uneasy.
After arriving in the following town, an old girlfriend greets Lawrence warmly. However Holo is uneasy v their newest travel companion.
Lawrence is all of sudden burdened with a big amount the debt. If that doesn't uncover a method out of the situation, he can lose an ext than his business.
Lawrence and also Holo devise a setup to relieve their debt and also must attempt to persuade the shepherd come take component in the risky scheme.
Just as it looks like the smuggling plot will succeed, Lawrence to learn a hard truth around wolves in sheep's clothing.

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Lawrence handle the score with those that betrayed him and finds that also in a life based upon profit and debt, some points are more valuable than others.