These self-styled backstabbers, troublemakers and bitches are trying to turn their stays around... Yet will the bad Girls finish up running riot?

Seven brand brand-new Bad girl break into their LA mansion, however waste no time acquiring into trouble. Their bad tempers result in a tumultuous very first night out.

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After a wild first night, Tiffany and Kayla contact a short-lived truce. Amber B. Ends things with a boyfriend earlier home, so buy it takes the girls rate dating.

Whitney and Kayla gain into a physical fight and also end your friendship. The girls walk to a piece club, but Kayla drinks too much and falls unconscious.

Tiffany reaches she limit with Kayla and also abandons she neutral place in the house. Amber B., Tiffany and also Ailea deal with drama native their brand-new hook ups.

The girls are asked to promote a lingerie shop in your underwear to earn money. Kayla is later removed from the mansion for brawling v Amber M.
Bad Girl vet, Tanisha, teams up v the Ambers to prank the other girls. Whitney and also Amber M. Get into a heated discussion after attending a surfing event.
Upon she arrival, Kayla's replacement, Ashley, feeling unwanted. Later on, the girl organize a gambling event, i m sorry inspires lock to go to las Vegas.
The poor Girls head to the ras Vegas piece for some naughty fun. Ashley disassociates it s her from the Ambers and also becomes the 5th member the the Fab 5.
Back from Vegas, the mansion is divided an ext than ever. Amber B. Pushes numerous of the girls to your breaking point, which outcomes in a substantial confrontation.
The Ambers attempt to comprise with the others, but their initiatives are challenged when Kayla returns. Meanwhile, Ailea juggles two males at the very same time.
The negative Girls room treated come a wild vacation in Cancun, wherein drama arises throughout a bikini contest. Whitney and also Ailea obtain into a rowdy fight with Amber M.
Police interference after the fight and also Whitney is eliminated from the house. The girl later challenge Ailea around her poor attitude, resulting in her come leave as well.
The Ambers host a controversial clip display with shocking new scenes, bloopers, and never-before-seen clip from the 3rd season the the negative Girls Club.
Back from Cancun, Sarah's partnership ends together her boyfriend learns of her infidelity. The girls celebrate their last night through trashing the mansion.

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All eight bad Girls return to clear up their dirty laundry and physically work-related out some unresolved issues. This reunion distinct is hosted by Perez Hilton.