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I just inherited a wards westernfield .22 cal bolt action with a scope, Lyman all American 3x. ~ magnifying the barrel, I uncovered stamped the following...No. 47C-22 S-L-LR. The back story is my head grandfather, now deceased, gave my now 85 yo dad this rifle ~ above or around 1942 once my father was 7 come 8 yrs old. My dad claims it"s not worth much however shoots well. He says to operation LR only threw it. I think the feather loaded pipe holds 10 or 11 rounds?...not sure. I cant uncover anywhere ~ above this earth to buy rounds. Ns live in southerly Oregon. Here"s my questions...value? great rifle? Keepsake? i did read the beginning story online...pretty amazing info. Any kind of other info from this team is appreciated.

You would require to short article pictures the the rifle for anyone come discern a fair value on it. Pics of the totality rifle and closeups of any markings on the gun.As much as finding .22LR ammo, the is the end there but hard to gain ahold of. It’s also about 5 time its typical price because of the existing ammo shortage.

Wards bought rifles indigenous a variety of manufacturers, you"ll require to post pictures in the asking The pros forum to have it identified and a worth given. As to only shooting LR ammo it will shoot any kind of .22 rf ammo, however .22 shorts can leave a carbon ring in the chamber. My Dad would never ever let united state shoot shorts in his .22 rifle since he didn"t want to need to clean the carbon ring out of the chamber. He let united state shoot longs or lengthy rifle only.

I to be going to relocate this over to the "Ask the Pros and What"s the Worth" forum. As has already been mentioned, friend do require to short article pictures. Please click on and also read the adhering to "sticky post" that will tell friend what we require to help you:

Please explain the item in together much detail as possible. Information does not average "in great shape" ,describe exactly how the timber is, how much blueing (% of original end up left) there is etc., and anything else you see that might be helpful. Tell us all marking, words, and letters all over on the gun...

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