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Any 1 who have the right to solve my trouble will be much appreciated. I am playing pokemon red on vba link 1.73 and i desire to evolve my kadabra lv50 to alakazam. I hav do the efforts a many things however am no being able to trade it. Wenever i shot to conserve the paper on the very first floor the the pokecenter the keeps speak if i want to overwrite my saved file n wen i pick yes it claims "save error, please exchange back-up memory". Ns dont hav much info around it and i didnt discover the answer i other msgs. You re welcome HELP.Thanks

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i restarted my game and readjusted the save form to automatically + speed 64k and it still wont save, i likewise tried it with Flash 128k
i restarted my video game and changed the save type to automatically + flash 64k and it still no save, i additionally tried it through Flash 128k
Same problem without soultion
Help!The specific same happends come me. I desire to exchange in Pokemon Fire Red but it keeps teeling me the it can"t save, and to readjust the battery. I"ve adjusted the conserving otions however it doesn"t help. I"m using VBA variation 1.8.Thanks
Same problem
I"m making use of ver 1.8,trying to play fire red, and also i"m having actually da very same simply won"t save.........someone just assist me.............

I to be so frustated since i to win the entire pokemon fire red ~ above vba 1.80 and also i had to start it over since i couldnt conserve it can anyone help me deal with my problem
I can save yet can"t load
I conserved the video game under automatic and also flash 128. After ~ i conserve the game, just how would go back to it? do I open up the file? how do I execute it? you re welcome help. In detail dumbed down instructions please.

As you would certainly on a typical GBA. In various other words fill the game and also then pick continue from the key menu.

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