Write the electron configuration and draw the orbit notation for atoms the oxygen and sulfur.

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All right, so we're going come be drawing the electron. Well, first we're gonna be composing the electron configuration, and then we're going come be drawing the electron orbital's that oxygen and sulfur. So let's obtain right top top that. So, very first of first, let's simply start through oxygen. So, uh, what execute we know about oxygen? We recognize the oxygen is going to have actually eight electrons, and it is going to reside top top the second period. Therefore let's just right, um, the complete electron configuration of oxygen, which is going to it is in one s two to s two to p four. And so we're talking a lot around these electron configurations, right? and what precisely does the mean? Well, let's actually draw out. So, within of one oxygen atom, we're going to have our nucleus. And inside of ours nucleus, we actually have actually eat protons. 12345 678 and they're all residing in this very positively charged center and then neighboring it. First, let's begin with the orbital. The is the closest. For this reason in this electron orbital, right here are one s Sorry, I'm not great at illustration circles, but you can imagine that's a spherical. And actually, even though I'm illustration it in 2 dimensions, this is actually choose a 3 dimensional ball that is approximately the proton. It's a 3 dimensional region, this electron orbital, and also in it it is holding two electrons. Therefore let's attract those ideal in there. Deserve to I have actually one two? Stand exterior of that. We're walk to have actually our second ass marble. And also this one is simply going to, uh, larger number Just way that it's walking to it is in in greater size, yet it's quiet in s orbital. So constituent only host two electrons and also then we have our ns orbital, i beg your pardon is going to look something like this. And the pure orbital deserve to hold a full of 6 electrons, however we only have four. Therefore we're walking to give it because that one, two, three, four. And actually where I'm drawing these electrons does no make that much of a difference. And also the reason why is because I'm just illustration them in a type of 2 dimensional model simply to show where they are In reality, this electrons are actually whizzing about this in a type of cloud, and also they're just sort of complying with this basic Trac. This is simply a means that were model. Um, therefore really, if I attracted all 4 of them, type of ~ above one side, it just doesn't look at a symmetrical. So we just shot and kind of evened it out. Now, let's do the same thing for endure now, Sulphur Ah, is has actually an atomic variety of 16 Simon and 16 protons. I mean, 16 electrons, and also it's walk to have actually an electron configuration of one s two to s two to ns six. 3 s, too. 3 p four. So currently this is a tiny bit, uh, looks a tiny bit more intimidating due to the fact that you're reasoning No, Like, look, I'm seeing these larger numbers. There's a little an ext to it. No to worry. It's ah going to be an extremely similar, in reality to the oxygen. For this reason in the middle, we're walking to have actually our proton, so I'm not going toe draw. 16 protons are simply come Interesting. Ah, I'm simply going to perform sort the 16 plus. So that method we simply know the they're 16 protons in here in the center downside that it. Similarly, we're gonna have our one s orbital, and on it, we're walking to have actually our 2 electrons, climate we're going to have actually our 2 s orbital. Then we're gonna have actually our 2 p orbital. Now we're going to have actually our 3 US orbital, i m sorry is just going come be bigger than our to us. So i may have to go a tiny out of border here, i m sorry is okay, yet it is tho an ass. Or but likewise make sure that you never ever forget the rule just since the, um the dimension of the orbital is enhancing does not typical that it's no much longer an s orbital. And also then we have our 3 p. I'm gonna make larger than ours go have the right to make this an extremely large. 12 three, four. And also of food Ah, of course, this is yes, really messy. If ns wasn't walking Thio do this therefore elaborate. I could just draw it a lot an ext simply, which would just be below in the middle. You have one united state chew united state to be, uh, 3 eyes, three p, and that simply makes the a tiny bit less complicated without having actually to draw these electrons everywhere the place. I simply wanted thio. Just offer ah little comprehensive image of what that would look like. Yet essentially normally these electron or barrels room not really drawn out this way. Yet it's simply a an excellent visual version to have the ability to see kind of in a 3 dimensional sense. What thes general tracts of how these electrons are moving. Um, what the looks like and the factor why this is essential is in reality it's much more important in understanding how bonding works due to the fact that thes p orbital's space going to have a different means of bonding.

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You're going come bond much more like this on each other, uh, together opposed come ass or blows, which just kind that bond prefer that, Um, and also you will learn that there space different varieties of bonding, which i won't cover best now. Yet basically the is simply the prestige of these two different varieties of Orbital's