The city that Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was called in respect of william Pitt (the Elder), Earl of Chatham, once it was started by British general John Forbes in 1758. Pitt was no the actual prime minister when he first led the UK federal government from 1756 to 1761, but came to be Lord Privy Seal native 1766 to 1768.


Additionally: Pelham, Massachusetts was established in 1738 and also named for the Pelham family, which contained Henry Pelham, who became prime minister in 1743, the year that the town"s incorporation. Similarly, the city the Pelham, new Hampshire was incorporated in 1746 and also named for Henry"s brothers Thomas, the duke of Newcastle, who later on served as prime minister (1754-1756).


Four united state cities are named Wilmington, at the very least presumably in honor of Spencer Compton, duke of Wilmington, the 2nd true element Minister of the UK, who offered from 1742 to 1743. The cities are in the states of Delaware, Massachusetts, north Carolina, and also Vermont.

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