Learning Outcomes

Write a totality number provided as digits in wordsWrite a entirety number offered in words as digits

Use location Value come Name entirety Numbers

When you create a check, you create out the number in words as well as in digits. To write a number in words, create the number in each period followed through the name of the duration without the ‘s’ in ~ the end. Begin with the digit at the left, which has actually the biggest place value. The commas different the periods, for this reason wherever there is a comma in the number, create a comma in between the words. The ones period, which has the smallest ar value, is no named.

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So the number 37,519,248 is composed thirty-seven million, 5 hundred nineteen thousand, 2 hundred forty-eight.Notice that the word and is not supplied when naming a entirety number.

Name a whole number in words

Starting at the number on the left, name the number in each period, followed by the period name. Execute not incorporate the duration name for the ones.Use commas in the number to different the periods.


Name the number 8,165,432,098,710 in words.


Begin through the outward digit, i beg your pardon is8. The is in the trillions place.eight trillion
The next duration to the ideal is billions.one hundred sixty-five billion
The next period to the appropriate is millions.four hundreds thirty-two million
The next duration to the best is thousands.ninety-eight thousand
The rightmost duration shows the ones.seven hundred ten

Putting all of the words together, we write 8,165,432,098,710 together eight trillion, one hundred sixty-five billion, 4 hundred thirty-two million, ninety-eight thousand, 7 hundred ten.


A student conducted research and also found the the variety of mobile phone users in the joined States throughout one month in 2014 to be 327,577,529. Name that number in words.

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Identify the periods linked with the number.

Name the number in each period, followed by the duration name. Put the commas in to separate the periods.

Millions period: three hundred twenty-seven millionThousands period: five hundred seventy-seven thousandOnes period: 5 hundred twenty-nine

So the variety of mobile phone customers in the unites States during the month that April was 3 hundred twenty-seven million, 5 hundred seventy-seven thousand, 5 hundred twenty-nine.

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Use location Value come Write entirety Numbers

We will now reverse the process and compose a number provided in words as digits.

Use place value to compose a entirety number

Identify the native that show periods. (Remember the ones period is never ever named.)Draw three blanks to suggest the variety of places needed in every period. Different the durations by commas.Name the number in each duration and place the number in the correct location value position.


Write the complying with numbers using digits.

fifty-three million, four hundred one thousand, 7 hundred forty-twonine billion, two hundred forty-six million, seventy-three thousand, one hundred eighty-nine
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1.Identify the indigenous that show periods.Except for the very first period, all other periods must have actually three places.Draw three blanks to show the number of places necessary in every period.Separate the durations by commas.Then write the number in each period.

Put the number together, consisting of the commas. The number is 53,401,742.


Identify the native that show periods.Except for the first period, all other periods must have actually three places.Draw three blanks to suggest the number of places needed in each period.Separate the durations by commas.Then compose the number in each period.

The number is 9,246,073,189.

Notice the in component (2), a zero was necessary as a place-holder in the hundreds thousands place. Be sure to write zeros as necessary to make sure that each period, other than possibly the first, has actually three places.

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A state spending plan was around \text\$77 billion. Compose the budget in conventional form.

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Identify the periods. In this case, just two digits room given and also they room in the billions period. To create the whole number, write zeros for all of the various other periods.

So the budget was around \text\$77,000,000,000.

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Write every number in traditional form:

The closest distance from earth to Mars is about 34 million miles.The total weight the an plane carrier is 204 million pounds.

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34,000,000 miles204,000,000 pounds

The video clip below shows more examples of how to use place value to create the surname of a whole number.