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The twins in are named Sam and Eric, but are constantly called Sam ’n Eric.

The twins execute not seem to have separate identities of their own. Castle are constantly together, in reality to the degree that instead of being described by different names, their names run together into...

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The twins in are called Sam and Eric, however are always called Sam ’n Eric.

The twins carry out not it seems to be ~ to have separate identities of your own. Lock are constantly together, in truth to the level that instead of being referred to by separate names, their names run together right into Sam ’n Eric or occasionally Samneric.

They were twins, and the eye was shocked and also incredulous at such cheery duplication. Lock breathed together, they grinned together, they were chunky and vital. (Ch. 1)

The pair are component of the group of older boys on the island, and also are energetic in decision-making and committee meetings. They room not easily pushed around, and usually wait for Ralph to do decisions and also support him. Castle stick v Ralph come the end.

Like most twins, Sam and Eric often finish each rather sentences. One of their most far-ranging events is as soon as they room watching the signal fire one night and also fall asleep. They check out the parachutist and also think it is the beast.

“Let’s warmth up.”

“We’ll only need to fetch an ext wood.”

“I’m cold.”

“So’m I.”

“Besides, it’s—”

“—dark. Every right, then.” (Ch. 6)

The twins run down come tell Ralph what they saw, encouraged it to be the beast in a combination of your sleepiness and the are afraid from gift alone on the hill in the dark. The twins space the very first ones that check out something that actually is real, also though that is no an really beast.

The pair are additionally important because they stay loyal to Ralph. Piggy is upset as soon as they walk to Jack"s party, yet Ralph understands why they went.

“That’s whereby they’ve gone. Jack’s party.”“Let them go,” stated Ralph, uneasily, “I nothing care.”“Just for part meat—”“And because that hunting,” said Ralph, wisely, “and for pretending to be a tribe, and putting on war-paint.” (Ch. 9)

However, once they go ago to try to speak sense right into Jack, it is a disaster and Samneric space captured. Ralph appears helpless to defend them. 

Samneric protested out of the heart of civilization.“Oh, ns say!”“—honestly!”Their spears were taken indigenous them. (Ch. 11)

Of course, Samneric acquire off quickly if you consider what happens to Piggy, since he is killed, but it really is interesting how lock react as soon as they are captured.

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Sam and also Eric, despite treated together one entity and also one character, are loyal to Ralph to the end. Ralph represents civilization, if Jack to represent savagery. We understand which side these two room on.