Chapter 19The male in the Yellow fit enters the Tuck home and for a moment just stares at each member that the family. His face is expressionless, but there is something unpleasant behind it even though he tells Winnie she is safe and also he is coming to take her home. Jesse is overcome at the means the Man begins to order them about in their very own home, but Angus speak him to hush and let the male speak his piece. So, the man in the Yellow Suit begins to tell his story. He describes that once he was farming up, his grandmother told the a story about a dear friend of hers and herfamily who never seemed come get any older. The mam of among the sons eventually left him in fear that castle wereall witches. They acknowledge that the masculine mother had actually played as a boy with Miles’ daughter, Anna. Thismakes Mae contact out that the Man has actually no best bringing together pain right into their house. However the male in the YellowSuit soothes her by asking her come hear the out. That goes on come say the he chose to devote his life to finding outif the story his granny told could be true. He went to school and also studied everything he could on thesubject, but finally concluded that it was a garbage of time. That went home and also brought his grandmother a musicbox. The gift reminded her of the music crate that she friend had actually had, the friend that didn’t prosper old. Hisgrandmother teach him the melody of that long earlier music box, and also at that point, the male knew it was clue. Heset the end to discover the family, following the course they were stated to have taken when they left your farm.He then tells the Tucks that 2 evenings before, he had heard the music box, complied with Winnie and heard thewhole story. The Tucks are outraged, calling that a horse thief, and also demanding the he tell lock what he plansto do. Therefore, the man in the Yellow Suit explains that he has actually traded the timber for Winnie and also that he plansto market the water. No to everyone, yet just to certain people who really worthy it. He also has the bitterly torecommend the the Tucks join him and perform acts favor shooting themselves to encourage human being to buy. Jessesays dully the all the guy wants native them is to act favor freaks in a patent-medicine show. As soon as the male tellsthem that is offering them a way to live like human being again rather of favor pigs, the totality Tuck family members stands increase in an attempt to stop him. The man in the Yellow fit grabs Winnie through the arm and also tries to traction her away. Sheresists, screaming the she no him and also won’t go through him. Then, everything abruptly goes quiet as Maeorders him come let the kid go with a shotgun in she hands hosted like a club. The guy smiles a ghastly smile andcalls castle selfish for reasoning they have the right to keep the water all to themselves. That decides appropriate then the if the Tuckswon’t be a part of his scheme, he’ll do Winnie drink the water and also be component of his demonstrations. Mae’s faceturns dark red, and she warns the man that he isn’t going to carry out such a thing to Winnie. Then, she ferris wheel the gunaround she head like a wheel and smashes it right into the earlier of his skull. The drops like a tree and just at thatmoment, the Constable rides through the pine tree trees, a witness to what Mae has done.NotesThis chapter is the typical great versus angry scenario. The Tucks have pertained to love Winnie and also will protect heragainst anything. However, they also love mankind and the life cycle that turns choose a wheel. They i will not ~ allowanyone to disrupt that cycle.Chapter 20The Constable check the man in the Yellow Suit and says he’s not yet dead, but implies he will be soon. Maetells him she struggle the Man, because he was going to take Winnie away against her will. Winnie insists additionally thatshe no kidnapped, but had come with them, due to the fact that she want to. She insists the they room her friends.Then, she looks under at the guy in the Yellow Suit and thinks he looks favor a marionette, carelessly throwninto the corner, arms and also legs every which means amidst that is strings. However it is Angus Tuck who is the mostfascinating to her as she transforms away indigenous the sight of death. That is looking under at the Man virtually enviously,like a starving guy looking with the window at a banquet. She can’t stand to watch him that means and makeshim look away.The Constable insists that both Mae and also Winnie come with him. Mae will be locked up and also Winnie will certainly betaken home. The family members is ruined to learn that Mae will get the gallows if she’s uncovered guilty. Winnie makessure that Angus to know that everything will be alright, since the whole vast world is no longer about whatmight happen to her, yet what she herself have to keep from happening. She must make certain they carry out not hangMae, since she will certainly not have the ability to die.NotesIt’s ironic the Winnie think of the dying man as a marionette flung carelessly into a corner, because he wasthe one that was trying to pull their strings.

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Currently he is there is no anyone to hold him up. Also, the idea of Maebeing hung is not simply abhorrent since of what she will certainly experience, however it will likewise reveal the mystery of thespring when she doesn’t die.