North Amercian release Date: November 1, 2005.

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Region(s) Released: phibìc America, EuropeHigh definition Resolutions Supported: 480pWidescreen sustained (16:9): NoSystem connect Support: NoAverage all at once Score:0.00 / 100%


Wield the ultimate power as a rogue street cop in brand-new York City. You room Marcus Reed, a previous criminal turn cop, using and abusing your authority to hunt under the murderer of your mentor while cleaning up the "hoods of new York City, indigenous Harlem come Chinatown. Your undercover examination leads you with a murderous web of gangs and deceit as you fight crooks, your past, and everything else the city deserve to throw at you.
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True Crime: new York City News

Video: True Crime brand-new york CityCheck the end the brand-new vid indigenous the Sequel come True Crime: roads of LA, True Crimes: new York City!All-Star cast For True Crime: NYCNo, I’m not in it but there room some huge name stars that will lend their voices to True Crime: NYC. Ns would have actually taken the job however my contract demands were not met. To work CEO Confirms True Crime reveals a conference walk on that boring business men talked, however that activision CEO Robert Kotick confirmed True Crime 2 is in the works. Plunder notes the the sequel will take location in an additional city.

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