As the sixth generation that the family in America, Travis" visibility is a testimony to the hard work and also struggles of his ancestors <33>. The Younger family"s life is thought about underprivileged in comparison to middle class white families. However, a short consideration of the fights for flexibility that brought them to a point where they can marry, rent an apartment, and live a self-sufficient life expose the blessing of their existing life. Regardless, the family continues to want much more not only for themselves but also for future generations; namely, Travis. He has actually a many other peoples" hopes and also dreams riding top top his shoulders. In many ways, Travis is the family"s investment. His future to represent the opportunity of finishing the burdens the frustration the have built up over the generations <34>. Each household member seeks to nurture and care because that Travis in really hopes that the will have a far better life filled with hope and also possibilities. Because he is tho young, his dream is made up of various other peoples" thoughts and also visions for him. Back there are no specifics, the is clear the the family members does not desire Travis to it is in an adult laborer choose his father. They desire him to have a project that offers avenues for respect and also advancement.

Throughout the play, Travis feeling the press to think large and be better than his predecessors. The farming pains of coming to be a male are evident in his connection with his parents. Ruth desires her kid to understand hardship so the he grows up v the decision to succeed the end of his lower class status. Walter also feels this way, yet oftentimes counteracts Ruth"s initiatives as the strives to prove he can sufficiently carry out for his son. An instance of this problem is Ruth refusing to offer Travis fifty cents which is later overruled through Walter once he offers Travis one dollar. Metaphorically, Travis is being pushed and also pulled in multiple directions by each person"s vision that what is finest for his future.

As a result of Walter"s dynamic the atmosphere changes, Ruth sometimes motivates Travis come be like his father and also other times directs him away from mimicking Walter"s actions. Favor Mama says, youngsters are hoped to it is in the driving pressure behind desires by making castle seem crucial <35>. Because that Walter, his unrelenting need to be something much better is undeniably perpetuated through his desire to provide his kid a much better life filled v richer opportunities than he had actually as a young man. Walter"s decision to walk ahead through the move to the white neighborhood is considerably influenced by the effects it will have actually on Travis" future.

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Till Travis is old enough to have manage of his own destiny, his future hopes and dreams are at the mercy the his family"s dreams. Walter desires to offer Travis the world, and Travis must stand strong under the push not to waste it.