When i reflect ago on my own days together a preschooler, Kindergartener, and also elementary institution student, ns remember “Show & Tell” as a fun, personalized activity—which emerged only a couple of times a year. I don’t recall any type of rules in regard come the items us selected to lug in (which is no to say that there were none), nor execute I remember any prompts or guidelines. You had actually something cool to stand up in front of the class and talk about? Great!

Boom. Done. Simple.

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Flash front 20-something years to this previous fall. Mine daughter kicked turn off her 2nd year the preschool, and I was legitimately excited the her present & tell days to be beginning. For her very very first Show & Tell, there to be no stipulations; and Harper brought her “field journal” that the butterfly garden project we did together over the summer. Just how fun this will certainly be! ns thought. Ns can’t wait to view what rather she wants to share through her class!

Ready because that her very first day of show & Tell through her butterfly garden field journal

Then, throughout the second week that school, a roadblock: Every Wednesday, ns was told, the student would draw a letter of the alphabet the end of a hat. Then, top top the next class day, they were compelled to lug in something that starts with the letter.

This didn’t worry me lot until the 3rd week the school, once my daughter climbed right into the car carrying a handout: “Dear Parent: your child’s letter this week is ‘U.’ Please carry a display & tell item start with the letter ‘U’ on Friday. Thanks!”

OK, ns consoled myself, we deserve to do this. Umbrella starts with “U.” and I’m pretty sure she has actually a stuffed unicorn somewhere.

Harper then handed me a tiny fabric pouch. “Oh, Mommy? They provided these to us today.”

“What is this?” ns asked.

“It’s our display & tell pouch,” she explained. “Whatever we bring for show & Tell has to go in there.”

Hmmm, an item that begins with “U”…that is also little enough come fit inside an 8” x 6” pouch? This is walking to be trickier 보다 I thought.

“Well, what do you desire to bring? We have to think the something that starts v a ‘U.’”

Just scratching the surface ar of her expertise of phonics and knowing only a handful of “U” words, Harper shrugged. “I don’t know. Ooooh! A unicorn, maybe? A real one!

“Uhhh, it is a an excellent idea, Harp, however I don’t recognize if us can uncover a actual unicorn to involved school through Friday. And I nothing think it would certainly fit in your pouch.”

Sooo, an item that begins with “U”…that deserve to fit within the identical of a quart-sized Ziplock…and that in reality exists. Hard criteria.

Call that pregnancy-brain-that-I-still-have-not-fully-recovered-from-even-though-my-child-is-almost-five or just one of those days, but I thought about potential concepts the whole drive home and also was quiet empty-handed by the moment we pulled right into the driveway.

Naturally, ns turned to social media because that inspiration and also implored my facebook friends to aid me brainstorm. As soon as someone said “uncle,” ns knew we had actually a winner. A snapshot of my little brother, whom my daughter adores, would certainly be a perfect fit. Harper & ns combed my computer for pictures of her beloved “Uncle Carson,” published them out, and sealed them increase in her display & phone call pouch. She was pumped to display off my little brother’s photos to she class, and the truth that that long earlier attended the very same school the she go now—with, amazingly, the very same teacher—only provided her extra ammo for discussion.

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Although ours letter “U” instance turned the end to it is in a effective scramble, I wanted to it is in a bit more prepared because that future present & phone call sessions. So, Harper & i compiled a “master list” of show & tell ideas, with miscellaneous items because that each letter the the alphabet. These days, when present & Tell drops upon us, i read all of the options we have listed for Harper’s corresponding letter, and also she choose which idea she likes best.

Some the the items on our list are particular and not-so-creative; others will appeal to your child’s imagination. Some room wearable, which is always a big hit with tiny kids; others room edible; and many autumn under more comprehensive categories such together colors, shapes, etc. These ideas are no there come trump her child’s, nor are they restricted to their intended purpose. Alternatively, homeschooling parents or those merely looking to occupational on letter sounds v their child(ren) may discover these beneficial to combine in “letter the the day” tasks or even verbal exercises. The possibilities for just how you may choose to use this list room endless, as space the variety of word choices you can add to it. Happy display & Tell-ing!

“A” is for…acornartanimalapronanimal crackersalphabet (blocks, puzzle pieces, foam letters, etc.)airplaneastronautangelaunt

“B” is for…bookballoonbubblesbadgebrushballblocksbaby (baby doll, bottle, etc.)Band-AidBarbiebrotherbeachbutterfly

“C” is for…CrayonscatcardsChristmas (a Christmas card, drawing of a Christmas tree, ornament, etc.)cookiescotton ballcrowncolorscaterpillarcollage (a fun one for you and also your kid to develop together!)chalkcowboy/cowgirlcollar (borrowed from the family pet, perhaps?)cousin

“D” is for…dogdaisyDisney (a souvenir or photo from Disney World, a Disney toy, etc.)dimedollardinosaurDVDdolldiaperdoctor (a toy doctor’s kit or doctor’s supplies)Daddy

“E” is because that wood-carved elephants the Daddy brought home indigenous his last service trip to India

“E” is for…(Easter) eggEaster bunnyenvelopeelfEggo waffleeraserEeyoreearringsEarthelephantemotions

“F” is for…fallforkfeatherflowerfamilyfirst place ribbon (maybe that your boy won? alternatively, friend can always create her own)fanthe number 5 (e.g., five fingers, 5 toes, 5 of the exact same item)fruitfairyfrogfriendfarmfeelings

“G” is for…ghostgrandfather/grandmother/grandparent(s)gummy bearsgrasshopperGodglow stickgravelgiantgumballsgiraffe“Greatest Teacher EVER!” certificate (if you’re in search of extra brownie points!)

“H” is for…highlighterhathandprintherohearthamburgerHalloween (a Halloween mask, costume, or snapshot from vault Halloween)holidaysHoney nut Cheerioshorsehouse (a snapshot or drawing of her family’s residence)

“I” is for…ice cream coneice packicicleice skateink peninsectID cardiguanainfantimagination

“J” is for…jewelryjuice boxjarjeansjeweljoke (an age-appropriate joke written on a strip of your paper that your child can tell in class)jelly beansjingle bellJesusjigsaw puzzle piecejacks

“K” is for…kitekeyskeychainkangarookisses (e.g., a item of paper with lipstick kisses almost everywhere it)ketchupkittenkingknightkaratekiller whale (e.g., Shamu)keepsake

“L” is for…lemonleaflollipoplotionlaughterlip glossLucky Charmsletters (Scrabble tiles, foam letters, etc.)Legoslibrary card/booklove

“M” is for…marblemarshmallowmagnetMickey/Minnie computer mouse (mouse ears, perhaps?)moneymake-upMilkboneMommymatching items (socks, gloves, etc.)mustachemedalmusic

“N” is for…necklacenumbersnoodlenapkinnutcrackernightlightnickelname (an item with your child’s name on it)nightnature

“O” is for…ovaloak leafoctagonornamentOlympicsorigamioceanoctopusopposites (black & white items, etc.)owl

“P” is for…picturepennyprince/princesspebblespartypeoplepuppypolicepeanutpirateplanetpaintingpajamas

“Q” is for…queenquiltquarterquestionquartzquote

“R” is for…ringrainbowribbonraisinroseroadrunner (UTSA pan gear, perhaps?)rectanglerodeorobotrockrace carround

“S” is for…sibling/sisterstarsnowflakeSantasandwichsockssnakeseashellstampsilly stringsunglassesspringsummerseasonssoccersports

“T” is for…toothbrushtututee-balltrainteddy beartooth (your child’s this fairy pillow, maybe?)tickets (to past events that your kid attended)toytiarateapottime

“U” is for…umbrellaunicornuncleUSAutensilsultrasound (your child’s sonogram photo)uniformunderwearuniversity

“V” is for…Valentine’svolcanovacationvegetablesvoicevanillavelvetvillainViewMaster“The Velveteen Rabbit”

“W” is for…whalewaterwalletwatchwhistleweatherwigwedding (picture of girlfriend & her husband on her wedding day)wish (an item that your son wished for and got or a drawing of something they wish for)winterwingsworld

“X” is for…x-ray (doctor’s offices and also radiology clinics discard old x-rays every the time—just call and ask for one!)xylophone“X clues the spot” (you can acquire super an imaginative with this one!)Xerox (a Xerox copy of your child’s hand, etc.)a letter signed “XOXOXO”Cabbage patch doll (all of them are signed on your dimpled bottoms by Xavier Roberts!)

Xavier Roberts’ signature ~ above a Cabbage patch toosh!

“Y” is for…yo-yoyarnyear (a calendar or items having to execute with the existing year)yesterday (use a calendar to show the concept)yellowyardyummy (actual “yummy” items or photos of different foods/things your kid loves)YUCK! (same together above–actual “yucky” items or images of various foods/things your boy hates)