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I have a 2005 XLE. Just before Thanksgiving, the night-time lighting for the dashboard, radio /heater controls and gearshift quit working. I hope it"s a swollen fuse, yet I"m not certain which one it could be. Any kind of suggestions?Thanks,Steve
Have friend tried adjusting the intensity? ???It"s remotely feasible that it gained turned as soon as you to be switching through the pilgrimage odometers. 8).
I am having actually this very same issue yet the dimmer is rotate up every the way. Go anyone understand which fuse controls this?
I have the same difficulty with mine 06" Sienna CE...... No radio, heater controls, shifter backlights working....... Anyone please short article solution...........

Check the 10A panel fuse top top the dashboard fuse panel.It could also be a bad TAIL relay, however not likely. If the relay to be bad, the parking and also side marker lights would certainly be the end too.
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It transforms out that I had a loose wire to the "PANEL" 10A fuse box slot in the driver side fuse great now......
Have you tried adjusting the intensity? ???It"s remotely possible that it obtained turned as soon as you to be switching through the expedition odometers. 8).

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Thanks....... Go not understand the function, and also I did accidentally rotate the switch because that the intensity. You saved me money.... The dealer would more than likely charge me the price that fuse or light bulb. ****** thanks A MILLION !!!!!!!!
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