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Replacing my push hose this particular day & gaining worried that bleeding the system can be a PITA. If anyone have the right to answer the following0 the would aid me out a many today:Where is the nipple/steering box that will allow me to eliminate air native the system?Is over there an FSM short article that explains bleeding the system?I now realize thanks to one more forum member the I should put ATF instead of PSF :frown:

Bleeding the PS is easy, with motor running rotate the steering wheel native lock to lock, probably 8-10 times. The air will occupational its means up come the reservoir.Check the level that the reservoir, depending upon how much air is in the system, you can need to add more.
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Thank you fourwd. I am ~ above my means to pickup the ATF currently & hope my neighbor will be about to assist out v his jack stands.Can you/anyone confirm that this is a pretty great summary the what to do?Found on an additional forum:Put your truck increase on jackstands for this reason the former wheels are off the ground.Get a turkey baster or somebody else"s antifreeze tester and also suck every the old fluid out the the reservoir.Find the return heat to your reservoir. It will NOT it is in a tough line, threaded connection. Simply a nipple through a soft line and also a clamp (first picture).Undo the clamp, on slide the line off, and put it into a jug that will fit down by your manifold and steering pillar (second picture; kind of blurry, sorry).Get a piece of tube that you deserve to seal the other end of (third picture) and put the on the nipple that the reservoir.Now have your buddy begin the engine and also constantly turn the wheel lock to lock, when you pour clean ATF right into the reservoir to store it full. All that nasty brown fluid will coming shooting out into the jug. Together you to water in the clean ATF, you"ll notice what"s coming into the jug getting clean and red.When it looks nice and also clean, shut turn off the engine. Remove the jug, replace the return water tap on the reservoir and also tighten the clamp. To fill the reservoir with more ATF to lug it as much as the appropriate level, then start the van again and turn lock to lock it rotates the ATF in the reservoir is not foamy.