Boxer Oscar De La Hoya to be honored with a statue ~ above the prestigious Los Angeles sports Walk of call on Monday in Los Angeles, Calif. Posing through him in former of his likeness is wife Millie Corretjer and his 2 youngest youngsters Nina Lauren Nenitte, 11 months, and Oscar Gabriel, 3.Oscar is likewise dad to son Jacob, 10 ½, v Toni Alvarado, kid Devon, 10, with Angelique McQueen and daughter Atiana Cecelia, 9 ½, through Shanna Moakler cursed he certain waste no time and has a lot of youngsters with different women. The child he had actually with angelique mcqueen, she is the good niece of actor steve mcqueen.His an initial 3 kids by 3 different women were all born in ~ 1 year personal lol.
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Being a solid person way knowing the in the end everything is walk to it is in okay and also if other is supposed to be then you realize, no matter what, the will find a way.
I am surprised that his marriage to Millie has actually survived for so long....most hispanic celebrities are taking marital relationship as a joke, much worst than Hollywood if girlfriend ask me.
Their young is such a cutie. I hadnt seen Millie in forever, she has obtained so lot weight. Oscar is a cutie, however damn hes been roughly a couple of blocks. Those photos were proven to be fake, and also I hope hes cleared up down some, after ~ marriage.
The youngsters look like the Mom. Too poor he"s a dead win Dad to his other kids (3 youngsters by 3 various woman in one year - that"s Jerry Springer-type stuff!)
Were those drag pictures proven fake? He claimed they were fake however I believed the experts said they were 100% real.

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It"s currently been officially proven in court the picture of Oscar De La Hoya in drag that led to an web frenzy critical year, were indeed photoshop"ed. The pictures that Milana Dravnel declared were De La Hoya pull on in drag, were digitally altered. After specialists testified on stand that the photos had actually been doctored, Dravnel, an ex-stripper has now dropped her $25 million fit she had versus De La Hoya. Quoted in the media, De La Hoya"s lawyer, Judd Burstein had actually this come say about the outcome: "Oscar"s always claimed the photos to be false.We had specialists conclude the they were doctored. She was dealing with very big damages and so she agreed to drop the case. ... The situation would have been dismissed anyway." Dravnel"s lawyer, Salvatore Strazzullo, readily available no comment. The photos had actually been make public critical year through website, which refuse to take under the photos when De La Hoya to represent told the website the pictures were false. As soon as the photos very first surfaced critical year, our photoshop skilled here at DoghouseBoxing, icheehuahua likewise went on record saying the image looked altered. It now seems a court of legislation agrees, many thanks to other professional testimony