THE 27-year-old is well known for play Malfoy in the take care of Potter films. The is dating actress Jade Olivia


Tom Felton is famous for play Malfoy in the take care of Potter films

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Not a lot of of civilization know this however I’m very great at… yo-yoing and also diabolo – girlfriend know, that point with 2 sticks and also a item of string. I’m pretty handy at both of those.

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My finest friend is… my girlfriend Jade. Having actually someone that truly understands you, wherein you don’t have to sugar-cg-tower.comat things and also where most cg-tower.comnversations have the right to be held with just a look, is rare.

My nickname is… Feltz or F-Beats. The former is self-explanatory and also the latter goes earlier to my early hip-hop-loving days, when I to be 12 year old and thought i was walk to be the next Eminem.

The bravest point I’ve ever done is… a bungee jump, yet I’m glad ns did – it was interesting and very liberating.


Tom Felton through his girlfriend, Jade Olivia

I’d prefer to say sorry to mine mum for no answering the phone yesterday, but I’m walking to speak to her back

Tom Felton

My favourite TV show is… breaking Bad, or it was until everyone else began to choose it. Recently, I’ve been really enjoying Peaky Blinders. I’m in love through that whole era and also the soundtrack is awesome too – I have actually those songs on repeat in mine car.

My perfect night is… a pretty dinner, glass that wine and a film. Jade and I travel rather a lot and also we’re not provided to having actually our own kitchen, therefore it’s typically a instance of scg-tower.comuring online shipment menus.

I’d prefer to say sorry to… my mum for not answering the phone yesterday, however I’m walk to call her back.

My very first kiss was… ~ above a bouncy castle when I to be 11. I claimed I to be doing some type of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation once actually the was just a ploy – yet it worked and it was the start of a three-week relationship.

My biggest regret is… not answering the phone to mine mum yesterday, yet I’m the worst multitasker ever and also I was driving at the time.

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The one point I’d change about myself is… my i can not qualify to execute my very own hair or dress myself even remotely stylishly.