i have an email from a supplier letting me recognize when miscellaneous is going to it is in made available. I would favor to give thanks to them and say "I look forward to it". Exactly how would you to speak this in cg-tower.com?



In this case, "I"m looking front to it" could additionally mean "I can"t wait to see it". That is the means it will be interpreted into cg-tower.com, to express the "I"m excited" idea, but in a more formal way. Right here are a few examples of correct and also formal translations :

Je suis pressé de voir ça


J"ai hâte de voir ça

or even

Je suis emballé par ça ! (this is fairly unformal, to it is in honest.)

**EDIT : **As Stéphane spicy in the comments, I indicate another, means more formal means to to express this.

Je me réjouis d"avance

Where "Je me réjouis" expresses happiness, and "d"avance" refers to the future, once you acquire thing you are actually waiting for.

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In a formal method you can say something like:

"dans l"attente de votre réponse veuillez agréer mes salutations les to add respectueuses"

it way : ns look forward to hearing from friend

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As a non-native speaker, I would say..Je serais vraiment content de le reçevoir. Or ça sera mon plaisir de le recevoir. This means... I"ll yes, really be glad to receive/get it. It will certainly be a pleasure to get it. Looking front to something suggests the future... Also, I think that a cg-tower.com teacher teaching everyday cg-tower.com stated that something choose ..Je l"attend avec impatience! or Je suis impatient de le reçevoir/voir Both suggest a feeling of anxiously (in a great way; not worried) awaiting something/to receive/see something...I hope a indigenous speaker have the right to clear this up because that us. An extremely interesting site!..

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Source: Handbook of commercial cg-tower.com (G. Geoghegan and G. Gonthier Geoghegan).

Apparently out of print.

English letter


We room sure you will be satisfied through the high quality of our products and also look front to receiving further orders.

cg-tower.com corresponance/interpretation


Dans l"espoir que vous apprécierez la qualité de nos produits et que nous aurons l"occasion de traiter à nouveau avec vous, nous vous prions de recevoir, cher Monsieur, nos sentiments les meilleurs.

Other examples

I look front to seeing you while i am in...

Dans l"attente de vous rencontrer au cours de mon séjour à...

I am looking forward to conference you.

Dans l"attente de vous rencontrer.

We look front to receiving her reply.

Dans l"attente de votre réponse.

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In a non-formal way, you deserve to say this:

Je vais voir cela

This way that will will look at it, think around it.

J"y songerais

This means that you will certainly think about it, however you space still uncertain.

The "less formal" means to say it is:

Je vais voir cela et je vous tiens au courant

This method that you will think around it and also that you will contact him if things happen.

There is no genuine translation

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