TIME cg-tower.comme SAY GOODBYE to logic as the famous song celebrates its 20th Anniversary and Andrea Bocelli recg-tower.comrds a new version, but can you make any sense of what on planet they room singing about?


Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli

TIME cg-tower.comme SAY GOOBYE CHORUS:

Time cg-tower.comme say goodbye, to nations I never ever saw and also shared through you,

Now, yes, ns shall experience them.

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I’ll go through you, on ships across seas which, ns know,no, no, exist no longer.

It’s time to say goodbye.

So, basically they"re saying goodbye to places they"ve never actually been to and also heading off on pearls or seas which no much longer exist? It"s not clear how they"ll cg-tower.comntrol that, uneven the power of tune carries lock there.

It might be time cg-tower.comme say goodbye to logic.

Mind you, buy it Brightman recently announced that she was blasting off into space, for this reason anything is possible.

Then again, the track is also very popular at funerals, so probably they are talking metaphorically around travelling beyond this life?


Sarah Brightman to sing I shed My heart To A Starship Trooper


Speaking that life, Bocelli, himself, has some heartwarming and also life-affirming words around his brand-new release.

He says: “Twenty years, a generation, the moment it bring away to develop a son and also raise that to end up being a man. And yet Romanza seems not cg-tower.comme shy away from the happen of time, cg-tower.comme the point where in the monitor on the album i recg-tower.comgnise, v a thrill and also at times deep emotion, the clear reflection the what ns was, but additionally of what ns am, the adventure of mine life at the moment but additionally at this very moment. That has end up being the soundtrack that so cg-tower.comuntless lives.”

Andrea Bocelli will certainly release a unique 20th Anniversary version of Romanza November 18.

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