A policy which limits the means a network may be used.

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Acceptable Use plan (AUP)
The rules of ideal behavior (etiquette) ~ above the Internet.Netiquette
In a network, a computer system that interacts through a server is a ________.Client
Special cables consist of of 8 smaller wires that affix components come a network.Ethernet Cable
A ____ avoids users indigenous visiting inappropriate net sites, and also protects the network native unauthorized users.Firewall
A device used to affix several computer systems or devices together.Hub
A network ____ is a small hardware an equipment that joins multiple computers together within one neighborhood area network (LAN).Switch
The ____ is a worldwide system of computer system networks.Internet
A arsenal of private computer networks in ~ an organization.Intranet
A computer system network restricted to a tiny area such together a institution district.Local Area Network
Two or an ext devices linked together for the purpose of sharing data or services.Network
This is a hardware machine that directs data native a regional area network (LAN) to one more network connection.Router
A ______ offers information to computers that affix to it. This hardware allows “clients” come share files and also other information.Server
A “_____" is the software program that allows people to accessibility the World large Web.Browser
The screen/software that enables us come log right into the network.Novell
WWW was standing for _____. This is one more name for the internet.World broad Web
A network prolonging over distances greater 보다 one kilometer, 6/10 that a mile.Wide Area Network
_______ is the lot of data that deserve to be transferred over the network in a addressed amount that time.Bandwidth
The resolve of a details Web site or record on the Internet.Uniform source Locator
This is the procedure in which data is sent to her computer.Download
A brief note identify a source of information.Cite
An net search making use of one or an ext of the operators AND, OR, and NOT.Boolean Operators
A word provided by a search engine to discover relevant internet pages.Keyword
The procedure of locating info from a variety sources.Searching
Software the searches, gathers and also identifies info from a database the keywords.

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Search Engines
An unfair choice for or dislike that something.Bias