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being lucky sufficient to live in the Boston area and also get a continuous dose that Jim"s huge Ego concert fun almost whenever ns feel favor it, I have the right to safely say that it"s a band that has actually close ties come its fandom, and also hopefully constantly will. This notion has actually become an especially apparent come me with the release of their latest album.They"re everywhere is a mix the old and new material, however a good chunk that it have to be familiar to longtime concert-goers, frequenters, and album-buyers. "A**hole" is really "Hi-ho," a concert favorite lastly recorded in the studio and also given a various (and infinitely much more obvious) name. "Cut Off your Head" has been slightly reworked from the version found on the "Titanic" (live) album. "In a Bar" is a tune that to be conceived and born totally from live improv.And "Mix Tape?" just visit their main website and "egog" forum to number out wherein the sentiments behind this fairly anti-RIAA tune came from. Jim"s big Ego is all around utilizing the internet, totally free downloads, and unusually liberal customer sharing legal rights to boost their music listenership base.This album has a decidedly polished, upbeat feel that was lacking from previous endeavors. Songs prefer "The Music the You," "Math Prof absent Star," and also "Party ~ above the Everglades" seem come hint at a details level that comfort, ease and-- dare i say?-- residential bliss. It"s as if Jim"s huge Ego has finally discovered its groove. As if the studio time has been one constant party that we"ve lastly been invited to.Of course, there room still a few sad, thought-provoking songs. "Better than You" can be taken as highhanded and also preachy, but the quiet poetic simplicity the the lyrics will suck you in nevertheless. "Love What"s Gone" uses the symbolic imagery that baseball to explain the loss of a love one. However "The Ballad the Barry Allen" has struck me the hardest, even if it is just a song about a comic book character (The Flash). Jim Infantino manages once again to offer a brand-new and heart-rending perspective to a persona we assumed we had figured out years ago.Though probably not their ideal album overall, that should certainly be in any JBE fan"s collection. I would anticipate the it would sit ideal with one of two people longtime and loyal fans, or first-time listeners the come from a popular music music pan base, like Barenaked Ladies.