Gary Paulsen"s Newbery Honor publication The Winter Room join the Scholastic gold line, through bonus content!Two brothers, one family, and an unexpected secret revealed on the cold night that winter...Following the rotate of the seasons, eleven-year-old Eldon traces the everyday routines that his life ~ above a farm and also his connection with his larger brother, Wayne. Throughout the winter, with little work to be excellent on the farm, Eldon and Wayne spend the quiet hours with your family, listening to their uncle David"s stories. Yet Eldon soon learns that, although he has actually lived on the exact same farm, in the same house with his uncle because that eleven springs, summers, and winters, he hardly to know him. As soon as Uncle David tells the story of "The Woodcutter," Eldon automatically understands the this story is different from any kind of other. The is a an effective and damaging story that changes everything because that the brothers.Newbery Honor publication The Winter Room through Gary Paulsen join the Scholastic yellow line, which features award-winning and beloved novels. Includes bonus content!

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Gary Paulsen has written much more than 175 books and also some 200 articles and short story for children and adults. The is taken into consideration one the the most essential writers for young adult today. 3 of his novels—Hachet,, Dogsong, and The Winter Room—were Newbery respect books, and also his functions frequently show up on the best books perform of the American Library Association. Mr. Paulsen and his wife, Ruth wright Paulsen, an artist who has portrayed several of his books, division their time between their house in new Mexico, a boat in the Pacific, and adventures in the wilderness.

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Awards and Praise because that The Winter RoomA Newbery respect BookALA/YALSA best Book because that Young AdultsALA Notable book for ChildrenJudy Lopez Memorial Award because that Children"s Literature"Newbery Honor-winner Paulsen never disappoints, and also proves his talent again in this remarkably great tale."-Publishers Weekly" has actually penned a mood poem in prose." -Kirkus Reviews