We resume our look at Vampire Diaries in time for the penultimate illustration of season 2, which Caroline uncovered full that surprises…

By Caroline Preece | may 8, 2011 | | comments count:0

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2.21 The Sun additionally Rises

With so lot happening every mainly in The Vampire Diaries, it have the right to sometimes obtain to be a little much, confusing an audience who could not be adhering to every plot allude as carefully as the writers would certainly like. Because that those committed fans, however, this week’s episode readily available everything they’ve been wait for and more. Surprising, for an illustration that’s first half is almost completely devoted to characters talking through their somewhat restricted options.

The 2nd season the the display has relied greatly on claimed limitations, together the writers have the right to then break out the surprises with tiny warning or succeeding fan objection. Surprises come thick and fast this week, but some work much better than others. We have a full cast, too, through John, Jeremy and also Bonnie popping up after an absent couple of weeks. Can’t speak we’ve let go them.

Before we get into the story, though, critical week’s many cliffhangers need to be dealt with. When we left the characters, Jenna had actually been turned, Matt and Caroline to be being endangered by a wolfy Tyler, and also Damon had been bitten. Jenna’s shift was such a revolve of events that the was difficult to think there wouldn’t be a loophole somewhere, but the writers, to their credit, stuck to their decision.

And there’s some more bloodshed before the final moments. Let’s simply say, the ritual goes according to Klaus’ plan, in spite of the finest efforts of our guys. Stefan is in self-sacrificing setting again, believing he deserve to replace a newly vampiric Jenna in proceedings. Apparently, Klaus has other plans for him.

With so lot going on, it’s surprising the the episode appears a small slow in ~ times. That takes a small too lengthy to complete the ritual, because that example.

The gang manage to protect against Elena coming to be a vampire, after Damon acquisition matters into his own hands last week, i beg your pardon is a relief, however seems a small too easy. Possibly the binding magic they at some point use should have been introduced a tiny earlier? Still, it’s not without its own price come pay, so it’s tough to complain. There’s absolutely a streamlining the useless or unpopular personalities this week, gladly bringing the focus earlier to the key players.

Caroline, Matt and also Tyler likewise have their own issues to work through. Back Matt’s actually end up being a lot an ext interesting due to the fact that finding out Caroline’s secret, he claims he wants to remain boring. You can’t yes, really blame him. Ns wonder if this is it for his character, together it conveniently leaves Tyler in the duty of confidant for Caroline. Both pairings have their supporters, so that knows which means the present will go. I simply hope Caroline rejoins the remainder of the gang following week.

No matter how you feel about certain characters, the last moments of the illustration are few of the saddest and most poignant the present has ever done. Sometimes, the plot points and twists come so thick and fast the there’s no time for any type of moment of contemplation. Those scenes offered us some lot needed room to breathe, and take in every that had happened in the last fourty minutes.

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There’s a finality come the stare that’s surprising because that a penultimate episode, together this can serve together a finale every on its own. Points aren’t totally wrapped up, however I doubt they will certainly be after following week either. Yet the ticking time bomb that Damon’s werewolf bite is quiet unresolved and Klaus and Elijah room still at large, so there’s still plenty to be getting on with.