Season 6 episode 13 - California or Bust-Up

The series concludes v Regina accepting a an excellent job chance in California and also asks Steve to leave his life in Chicago, and also move with her. Steve needs to decide whether or not to allow the love the his life walk out of his life forever, or take it a possibility on love in a far away place. Air date : 17th-Feb-2002

Season 6 episode 1 - an enig Lovers

The sixth and also final season begins as Regina traction the plug top top faculty display screens of affection on institution grounds. The principal"s newly produced relationship v Steve prompts the edict after the music male tries come kiss she at school. Regina ushers she co-workers into her office and also tells them the they all need to set an example for the students regarding proper behavior. She is adamant that the college student never uncover out that she is ""breaking off a piece for "Big Daddy""". However, she stops working to heed her very own advice and soon Bullethead captures her in a clinch through Steve in she office. Elsewhere, Cedric is uncomfortable by wife Lovita"s uncharacteristic lack of interest in him, and also finds odd means to channel his energies. Air date : 14th-Oct-2001Read More

Season 6 episode 2 - perform Not Duplicate

Lovita advises Steve to provide Regina a duplicate crucial to his apartment to display how serious he is about their relationship. Meanwhile, Lydia downplays her knowledge to assist her boyfriend, Arthur, feel far better about himself, together Lovita begins to feel left-out when her girlfriends seem come pay more attention come Cedric 보다 to her. Air date : 21st-Oct-2001Read More

Season 6 episode 3 - E-Male problems

Steve"s parents room coming to city to visit, however to protect against the pressure of marital relationship he excludes Regina from your dinner plans, leave Regina offended and Steve unable to explain. Cedric advises Steve to write down his feel on record to assist him later describe the thinking behind his actions; unfortunately, his venting incorrectly gets sent out to Regina via e-mail. Air day : 28th-Oct-2001Read More

Season 6 episode 4 - Knit picking

Steve is confused by Regina"s blended signals when an initial she desires to store their partnership casual, but then pulls out all the stops for your one-month anniversary including a romantic dinner, a hand-knitted sweater, and a bed covered in climbed petals. Meanwhile, Steve enables the course members to each teach a lesson come the class. Air day : 4th-Nov-2001Read More

Season 6 episode 5 - Principal"s pet

In an answer to staff rumors that favoritism, Regina renders Steve proctor a test throughout the annual faculty luncheon. However a disturbance in the cafeteria causes him to miss the appointment, which permits Romeo and Bullethead to cheat top top the exam. Meanwhile, Cedric and Lovita shot to con their method into acquiring their still unborn child embraced into a prestigious school for children. Air day : 11th-Nov-2001Read More

Season 6 illustration 6 - twin Intentions

Regina goes on a singles outing that she booked before dating Steve, and when she calls him, another woman answers. Meanwhile, Lovita wants Cedric to sell his vehicle so they can buy a minivan. Air day : 18th-Nov-2001Read More

Season 6 episode 7 - Dissin" Cousins

Regina"s cousin stays in the principal"s home after leaving her husband, yet her arrogance irks Regina"s friends, specifically Steve, who weekend plans through his main squeeze room jeopardized. Meanwhile, Cedric and also Lovita both think that they"ve accidentally learned the sex of your unborn child after promising each various other that they would wait until the birth. Air day : 25th-Nov-2001Read More

Season 6 episode 8 - grounding On friend

Steve plans an elegant dinner party through friends in celebration of his partnership with Regina, yet when Regina beginning assuming responsibility and takes over v the details and planning the the dinner party, Steve reminds her that ""Big Daddy"" is in charge at ""home"" and also Regina is in fee at work, which leads to an argument around her bossy demeanor. Meanwhile, Cedric is skeptical to participate in Lovita"s childbirth class; and Steve"s students plan senior-class pranks. Air date : 9th-Dec-2001Read More

Season 6 episode 9 - dislike Thy neighbor

Steve (Steve Harvey) and Lovita (Terri J. Vaughn) square off versus each various other in sleazy project tactics as soon as they run for one open up slot top top the apartment structure tenant board and the generally friendly ""game night"" transforms ugly. Air date : 6th-Jan-2002Read More

Season 6 episode 10 - The shower Planner

In the midst of to plan Lovita"s (Terri J. Vaughn) baby shower, Regina (Wendy Raquel Robinson) has to suddenly leaving town and also rely ~ above Steve (Steve Harvey) to arrangement the shower, leaving every one of the shower head games, goodie bags and also girlie details in ""Big Daddy"s"" hands. Meanwhile, Romeo and Bullethead create a ridge of fake teacher evaluations aimed at discrediting grandfather Hightower. Air date : 13th-Jan-2002Read More

Season 6 episode 11 - My fair Homegirl

Regina hires a brand-new assistant to to fill in when Lovita is ~ above maternity leave, yet after Regina provides the homely girl a killer makeover, she think Steve might be do a play for her. At the same time Romeo make the efforts to decision whether to walk to university or walk to occupational with his father driving a cab, as Lydia muses on she college dorm assignment to roommate, Laquitia Jefferson. Air date : 20th-Jan-2002Read More

Season 6 episode 12 - The Graduates

Steve is a tiny too enthusiastic in his glee over Romeo, Bullethead, and Lydia"s unavoidable graduation, particularly when Lydia wins the class-valedictorian race and also Romeo is poll the senior speaker because that commencement. Meanwhile, Steve and Regina contend with each other over that can book the coolest celebrity to speak at the beginning ceremony. Air date : 10th-Feb-2002Read More

Season 6 illustration 13 - California or Bust-Up

The collection concludes through Regina accepting a an excellent job opportunity in California and asks Steve to leave his life in Chicago, and also move through her. Steve has to decide whether or not to let the love that his life walk out of his life forever, or take a possibility on love in a much away place. Air date : 17th-Feb-2002Read More


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