In The romance of a busy Broker through O. Henry we have actually the template of love, conflict, control and gender roles. Taken from his Selected Stories repertoire the story is report in the 3rd person by one unnamed narrator and also after reading the story the reader realises that Henry may be trying out the template of love. Maxwell is an extremely much in love with miss Leslie. Something that is clean to the leader by way of the fact that the previous night Maxwell married miss out on Leslie. Despite he himself shows up to have actually forgotten this and asks her to marry him again. What is additionally interesting about the story is the opportunity of Maxwell gift in dispute with himself. While the is working he is functioning hard and also is concentrated on the task at hand. However his heart is no really in his work. It belongs to miss Leslie. That is also noticeable that Maxwell forgets around asking for a replacement stenographer. This can be significant as Maxwell might not be comfortable v his wife functioning in the very same office together him or working at all. If this is the instance then Henry may be experimenting the role of females in the workplace.

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Pitcher’s function in the story may also be vital as the in many ways acts together the reader’s eyes and ears. It is v his expressionless reaction to what is happening that the reader themselves discovers what is happening. The reality that Pitcher is expressionless throughout the story could additionally have some meaning as in countless ways the reader doesn’t know exactly how to react to Maxwell transparent the story. That acts firstly favor a an equipment when he is working and then the acts choose a male in love later on in the story. It have the right to be confusing because that the leader to try and know what is happening due to the fact that everything happens so quickly. Which winter the fast-paced way in i m sorry stocks and shares space being bought and also sold by Maxwell. Miss Leslie’s exclusion to one more room is likewise interesting together again Henry may be experimenting the design template of gender roles and the exclusion of ladies from the job-related place. Additionally Miss Leslie is explained as being beautiful together though she is some form of trophy for Maxwell. This too might be significant as it argues that guys at the moment may have objectified women quite than having attempted to treat them as amounts to in a relationship. Despite it might be challenging for Maxwell not to objectify miss Leslie given that he is so much in love through her.

As to exactly how Maxwell can have forgotten he married miss out on Leslie the previous evening is daunting to say. Perhaps once he come in the office he instantly goes into a device like process and forgets the world roughly him. Just pausing because that the real world when a breeze catches him. The truth that the is feather might additionally be symbolically important as quite often in literary works spring is provided as a prize of love or the duration in whereby two personalities might loss in love. It might also be a situation that Henry is suggesting that Maxwell is as well busy come remember that he got married. Which might leave some readers thinking that probably the marriage between Maxwell and Miss Leslie may not last need to Maxwell not change his habits. Job-related is one thing however a married man needs come ensure that his time, specifically his time v his wife, is spread out out evenly. If not then the marital relationship may it is in short-lived.

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The end of the story is likewise interesting together the reader never ever really gets any kind of insight into just how Maxwell feels around being married to miss Leslie. We do know that he is in love v her and also wants to marry her but Henry does no afford Maxwell the opportunity to speak in ~ the finish of the story. This may be deliberate and also Henry might be reversing gender roles. Permitting on this chance for the mrs (Miss Leslie) to have actually the last word rather than having Maxwell speak. If this is certainly the situation then it is possible that Maxwell may have actually met his match and also that he will not be able to control miss Leslie, the wife as he has Miss Leslie, the employee. Transparent the story it has actually been Maxwell who has been in control the the office with others doing as they to be told. This may not it is in the situation going forward. Miss out on Leslie through marriage may have uncovered her voice simply as she is the critical character come speak in the story. Equality may be available for miss out on Leslie particularly due come the reality that Maxwell is for this reason in love with her that he is speechless.

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