What is the capital of Louisiana? The city's name comes from the French words because that "red stick."
Baton Rouge
What is the just city in the United says that is not in a state?Washington D.C.
Which continents space in the north Hemisphere?Asia, phibìc America, Africa, Europe
How countless of the great Lakes border Canada?4
The Mediterranean Sea touch which 3 continents?Europe, Africa, and Asia
What component of the earth is covered with water: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4?3/4
What is the ciy, located on the Missouri River, the is the resources of north Dakota?Bismarck
Whcih 2 continents are located completely within the southerly Hemisphere?Australia and Antarctica
Which state has actually the longest shore on the Atlantic Ocean?Florida
What is the resources of Ohio, the state the is the birthplace of 7 presidents of united States?Columbus
Which ocean consists of many icebergs?Arctic and Southern
Through which nation in the west Hemisphere go the Tropic of Cancer pass?Mexico
Which pole is situated on a continent?South
Which states border the Pacific Ocean?California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii
Which continents room in both the Eastern and also Southern Hemispheres?Australia, Africa, Antarctica, Asia
What execute black dots top top a map usually represent?Cities
Carson City is come Nevada as ________ is come Vermont.Montpeiler
Find the nation in central America the is not on the Carribean Sea.El Salvador
Is Hawaii taken into consideration an island state or a peninsula?island state
Which two nations in southern America space landlocked?Paraguay and also Bolivia
What is the resources of brand-new Hampshire, the state that actors the deciding poll to ratify the Constitution?Concord
Through i beg your pardon continent do the equator, element Meridian, and also the Tropics the Capricorn and also Cancer pass?Africa
What is the price usually uncovered next come Washington, D.D.? What does the mean?A star or dot with a circle roughly it; it means a national capital
The Pacific s touches all continents other than which two?Europe and also Africa