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Here’s a teaser the WGN America’s Outsiders Theme song Lyrics

The fans have actually been rabid in wanting to understand the text to the Outsiders theme song. Well your prayers have been answered, er, type of.

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Morgan O’Kane has actually heard our pleas, and gave us this teaser. The tune is called Takers Creed.Here room the lyrics to the 40 second intro. The complete song will be accessible when the soundtrack because that the show, Outsiders, is released.

The dawn is upThere’s fire on the mountainThey’ll need to answer for the crooked claimThe hollows they’ll surround themand they’ll go to run backto the wretched realm they camenor will the dogs of hell refrainAnd the soil will suffer those that came

Lots of you have actually been asking for the lyrics to the Outsiders WGN design template “Taker’s Creed”. Below are the lyrics to the 40…

Posted through Morgan O’Kane Music on Thursday, march 24, 2016

I understand I for one cannot wait to get my hand on the Outsiders soundtrack, and learn the rest of the text to the theme song. Now my psychic is gyeongju in wonder what other songs and also artists have the right to be on the soundtrack. We’d favor to hear your guesses as to who friend think will be on the soundtrack for the hit collection for WGN America in the comment below.





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