I watched Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan earlier this year for the very first time. Naturally, I had actually to watch Star Trek III: The find for Spock as well. I mean, ns was worried. What if lock didn’t find him?

The search for Spock is easily my the very least favorite the the TOS films I’ve seen. Yet that’s more than likely only because I haven’t seen any of the odd-numbered persons yet.

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While I will certainly (needlessly) produce a Spoiler ar for those of friend who space really concerned about Spock’s fate, there will be SPOILERS for The Wrath of cannes throughout this review. Cause, girlfriend know, the whole ending to that movie is sort of key to the plot the this one. There’s really no getting roughly that.


After Spock sacrifices his life and the Genesis world is created, a morose Kirk leader his crew back home. However after skeleton starts walk a small cuckoo, Kirk finds the end that it might be possible to to save both him and Spock after ~ all. If only Starfleet bureaucrats and also the least Klingon Klingons ever before would stop getting in the way!


1. The best means to watch any Star Trek movie . . . Or anything in ~ all, really . . . Is v your sister’s toy phaser, newly unearthed native storage, resting by your side. This way, as soon as anyone on display annoys you (Science vessel Captain, Christopher Lloyd, Any and All Screenwriters), you have the right to just shoot lock in the head. Well, no the screenwriters. That would certainly take substantial talent. And, admittedly, also the world on screen won’t react very much to her deadly aim, yet there’s a perverse sense of satisfied in the phasering, anyway.

2. As much those annoying characters go, lets very first talk around the Klingons, particularly this guy:

This is Kruge, the leader that the evil Klingons. Kruge is play by Christopher Lloyd, and also I really wanted to prefer him, however I just couldn’t. Christopher Lloyd, awesome together he is, has an exceptionally distinctive voice, and also I uncovered it distracting pretty lot every time he opened his mouth. Just the very act of that speaking took me out of the character. (I did check out that Nimoy’s first choice had actually been Edward James Olmos, and that would have actually been very interesting to see.)

Still. The doesn’t aid that Kruge is sort of stupid and a sorry excuse for a Klingon. Ns couldn’t take it him seriously at all, and I discover that sort of problematic for a film’s key antagonist . . . Although, to it is in fair, i usually have a difficulty with Star Trek villains, at least in the movies. For instance, i don’t hate Khan, however I’m not really a vast fan, either. I find him a tiny too over-the-top to it is in anything yet slightly ridiculous. I love the Borg, but I have actually never cared because that the Borg Queen. (Not the acting, just the concept. The Borg are naturally creepy because there space no individuals among them.) ns love the 2009 reboot the Star Trek, yet Nero is boring as shit and also easily my the very least favorite component of the film. And then there’s this male . . .

General Chang. Also, a freakish Shakespeare enthusiast.

. . . Look, ns love friend singing, “Edelweiss,” and also all, Mr. Plummer, yet if ns had access to a Varon-T disruptor (toy or otherwise), I’d usage it on her character in The Undiscovered Country in a heartbeat.

3. Let’s earlier to the Klingons who don’t act very much choose Klingons.

I periodically hesitate to criticize anything in the Star Trek franchise for continually errors since I’m painfully conscious that when I’m a geek and also a fifty percent to the non-Trekkies, I’m strict amateur hour where actual Trekkies space concerned, and I can take concern with other in a movie that actually has criterion in illustration seven, season 2, the TOS or something. The being said.

These Klingons execute people by stabbing them in the back. They take prisoners. They say that their surname doesn’t matter. Seriously, when Kirk demands to recognize who he’s talk to, Kruge is all, “Who i am is not important.” and while that would fly v a many of bad guys, Kruge is a fucking Klingon. Shouldn’t that be more like, “I am Kruge, boy of Mruge, and also I will certainly fucking death YOU!”

He also has an interesting strategy because that when and how to board foe ships. And also by interesting, I mean stupid. Immensely stupid.

4. This Klingon isn’t terribly bright, either, however he’s vital to mention, if only because I no idea who was playing him. This male . . .

. . . Is also this guy.

That’s right. Man Larroquette is a Klingon! That’s awesome!

5. But let’s get back to our an excellent guys, namely Kirk.

The search for Spock takes place soon after The Wrath of Khan, simply as the enterprise is arriving back to Earth. The ship is tho wrecked to hell, and Kirk is usually being a whiny mopeypants about everything. Okay, he has cause. Still, he has some finding out to do around boosting fucking morale. There’s this young ensign type who wants to recognize if there will certainly be a celebration back on planet for your heroism, and also sure, he can probably be a touch much more tactful around it, but this is likely his very first mission out, right, and also maybe he just needs something to look front to and/or feel good about in the wake of the very first officer’s death.

Kirk, the Cheeriest Motherfucker in the Galaxy, stares the ensign down prior to gloomily saying the surely, there will be a celebration. “This time us paid for the party through our dearest blood.”

And you know that ensign’s like, Thanks for the feel-good sentiment, buddy! allow me simply go simply shoot myself the end an airlock because that a sec, okay? Awesome.

6. Kirk’s mood only gets worse once he realizes the Bones is going a little crazy. (Although, in one scene, Kirk seems to show a complete lack of worry when talking about it v his crew. I suspect that he’s trying come downplay, yet honestly, the distribution doesn’t quite sell that for me.) As much as the whole kinda-crazy skeletal story walk . . . I choose it. I’m no going to go into much (or any) detail above the Spoiler Section, however I think the whole storyline is interesting and reasonably well handled.

Also, i can’t aid fantasizing around what a comparable storyline would certainly be like in the Star Trek 2009 universe.

" data-medium-file="https://cg-tower.com.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/urban-star-trek-e1314176382774.jpg?w=300" data-large-file="https://cg-tower.com.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/urban-star-trek-e1314176382774.jpg?w=369" class="size-full wp-image-2914" title="karl-urban-bones" src="https://cg-tower.com.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/urban-star-trek-e1314176382774.jpg?w=676" alt="" srcset="https://cg-tower.com.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/urban-star-trek-e1314176382774.jpg 369w, https://cg-tower.com.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/urban-star-trek-e1314176382774.jpg?w=150 150w, https://cg-tower.com.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/urban-star-trek-e1314176382774.jpg?w=300 300w" sizes="(max-width: 369px) 100vw, 369px" />"Help me, Jim. Take me home."

Hmmm . . . interesting . . .

7. Ns do have some problems with the simple storyline the The find for Spock, though. The finishing is a serious problem for me. There’s a weird absence of anxiety throughout the last fifteen minutes, prefer the orgasm of the film happens too early and after that it’s simply a issue of time prior to we obtain to the finishing that everybody currently knows is going come happen. I’m likewise not crazy around how they manage some things with the Genesis planet. It’s together a huge deal in The Wrath of Khan . . . And then The find for Spock comes along and also pisses all over it. It feels like a gigantic retcon that’s taken on really, really poorly.

8. I likewise really hate few of the conversation in The find for Spock. I mean, some of it’s awesome. I love Kirk asking Bones how countless fingers he’s holding up while act the Vulcan salute. (Actually, a the majority of my favorite price quotes come native Kirk, i think.) but a the majority of the dialogue is random as hell. For example . . . .

Saavik: “Just prefer your father, so human.”

I have the right to only i think the allude of this heat is to repeat the audience the David is Kirk’s son. Which, fine, however . . . Really? therefore human? ns would have been okay through so reckless, so wild, therefore fucking idiotic . . . Yet to have actually the Vulcan point out that a kid is just as human as the father . . . Blarg. It’s an awkward and also stupid line.

Also . . .

Kirk: “This whole crew appears on the edge of obsessive behaviour concerning Mister Spock.”

Like a the majority of the conversation in this film, this line simply comes the end of nowhere. I suspect it’s an alleged to be type of ironic—or every little thing word we usage ironic together a substitute for—considering the it’s coming from Kirk, who can’t shiver his grief over his friend’s death. However still, the heat doesn’t play in ~ all. Various other than this claimed intruder, we’ve watched no other examples of the crew being particularly obsessive end Mister Spock, no even instances where Kirk could misinterpret their actions as obsessive in nature. Kirk can have said, “I swear, everyone on this ship is obsessed through rubber ducks,” and also it would have actually been virtually as random.

And climate . . .

Morrow: “Jim, your life and also your career was standing for rationality, not pundit chaos. Store up this emotional behavior and also you’ll shed everything. You’ll damage yourself!”

Kirk’s career represents rationality? since WHEN?


Mr. Adventure: “Have you lost your sense of reality?”

Sense that reality? Who also talks like that? Uhura’s solution is nearly as bad.

Uhura: “This isn’t reality. This is fantasy.”

I mean, the scene’s okay. It’s type of cool to hint in ~ Uhura gift a badass. However the dialogue is so freaking awful. No one might make the dialogue work.

Finally . . .

Kirk: “I have had . . . Sufficient . . . The you!”

Wow. Worst “fuck you” to a negative guy, ever.

9. Regardless of my consistent problem v dialogue, there space a most scenes that i really enjoy. Among my favorite scenes in the movie is the one v the mental meld in between Kirk and also Sarek. I really preferred the close-ups top top both Kirk’s eyes and also Sarek’s lips. It’s nice simplistic, however it’s also really effective.

10. I additionally like this one pretty emotional scene through Kirk. Ns was impressed through that scene and also William Shatner’s acting within it. It’s easily one of the best parts of the movie.

11. The fashion in the future proceeds to be horrible. Well, that’s not fair. Kirk does have actually this one jacket through an amazing collar. I don’t think I’ve ever before seen a boy wear a collar choose that before. However in another scene, his outfit’s pretty horrendous. And for the love of God, Chekov. What the hell room you wearing?

It’s truly horrifying. Ns don’t even have words.

12. Ns guess i should carry up the totality Kirstie Alley versus Robin Curtis thing.

Actually, i haven’t completely decided on who plays the much better Saavik. People say the Kirstie Alley is a an ext interesting Saavik, and also in a way I agree v that. (Although the still drives me nuts the they don’t define the reality that the character’s half-Romulan, like, ever.) but there’s something about Alley’s performance the I’m not entirely in love with, either. Ns mean, she’s okay. However I wasn’t exactly broken up as soon as she didn’t reappear in the 3rd film.

Robin Curtis’s portrayal the Saavik is considerably less emotional 보다 Kirstie Alley’s, but I don’t think she’s rather as mechanically or boring together other human being seem to. I type of wish she was a little more nuanced, yet I likewise don’t know that she’s provided a lot to work with, even though she has actually a kind amount of display time. Several of her conversation is absolute rubbish. That’s no really miscellaneous you deserve to blame top top the actor.

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13. Sulu gets a opportunity to kick some ass. That’s nice. Walk Tiny!

14. One of the minor personalities in The find for Spock is the captain of this scientific research vessel, the USS: Grissom. I sort of prefer him. Actually, ns don’t choose him—he’s really irritating—but ns did admire his refusal to just beam up arbitrarily shit to his starship. Oh, you to speak there’s some mysterious life form on the earth where there shouldn’t be any animals at all? and you’re recommending we just transport it turn off the planet and also onto our ship when we have actually absolutely no idea what that is, what diseases it might have, if it’s a vicious, man-eating killer or a fuzzy wuzzy hare rabbit? Well, fuck friend buddy, that’s what ns think. Us aren’t beaming shit onto my ship until you go investigate.