despite being very first in this team of three, "x" is a bit of a follower. It"s in the middle and end the some great words.

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"Xanthan" is a gum created by bacterial fermentation. It"s included to food together a stabilizer. (Sounds delicious!)

and also we have actually "z," which I"ve mentioned heroically lending its sound come "x" in ~ the start of words. Making use of its very own sound, it starts indigenous such together zucchini, zeppelin and zealot.

The phrase "x, y and z" may irk these three letters. It"s supplied to refer to unnamed points in a group. Those letters should feel like they"re just numbers once someone claims that.

Memory help two friends and also I were talking about mnemonic devices recently. These room tricks, devices or brain-nudgers that aid you mental something. As soon as we started talking, I had actually to watch up just how to spell the word due to the fact that I had forgotten.

Mnemonic, which wake up to rhyme with "demonic," comes from the Greek word meaning "to remember." The very first "m" is silent. Ns can"t think of any kind of other words in English that start with a quiet "m," yet its silence is similar to the "p" in ~ the begin of psychic and also pneumonia. The spelling carried over indigenous the Greek, yet English didn"t have actually a sound enough like it, for this reason the early sound was dropped in English.

One mnemonic device is the acronym "ROY G BIV," i beg your pardon helps united state remember the color in a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

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"Dessert" is what you eat ~ dinner (or occasionally before). A "desert" is the location with numerous sand and also not much water.

"Stationery" is pen, record and various other cool composing things. "Stationary" way standing still. Stationery includes "envelopes," a word the starts v an "e."

The popular mnemonic is "I before e, other than after c, and when sounded like a, as in neighbor and weigh." that one does have actually several exceptions, including "seize" and also "ancient." therefore to the rule, I constantly add, "Look it up in the dictionary to be sure."

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