to clear up (a debt, obligation, etc.), as by transferring money or goods, or by act something: you re welcome pay your bill.

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to provide over (a certain amount of money) in exchange because that something: He payment twenty dollars because that the shirt.
to move money as compensation or recompense for job-related done or services rendered; to accomplish the insurance claims of (a person, organization, etc.), together by providing money due: He payment me for my work.
to yield a recompense or return to; be profitable to: her training will pay you fine in the future.
a person with recommendation to solvency or call for meeting obligations: The bank regards the as an excellent pay.
Verb paragraph past and past participle paid or ( Obsolete other than for def. 30c ) payed,present jet pay·ing.
pay down, to pay (part that the complete price) at the time of purchase, v the promise to salary the balance in installments: on this arrangement you pay just ten percent down. To pay turn off or back; amortize: The company's debt is being paid under rapidly.
pay off, to pay (someone) every little thing that is due that person, particularly to perform so and discharge from one's employ. To salary (a debt) in full.Informal. Come bribe. Come retaliate top top or punish.Nautical. To fall off come leeward. To an outcome in success or failure: The threat paid turn off handsomely.
pay out, to distribution (money, wages, etc.); disburse. To acquire revenge upon for an injury; punish. Come let out (a rope) through slackening.
pay up, to pay fully. To salary on demand: The gangsters offered threats the violence to force the shopkeepers to salary up.
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pay as you go, to pay for (goods, services, etc.) at the time of purchase, together opposed come buying ~ above credit. To spend no an ext than revenue permits; save out the debt. Come pay income tax by regular deductions indigenous one's salary or wages.
pay back, to repay or return: come pay ago a loan. Come retaliate versus or punish: She paid us ago by refusing the invitation. Come requite.
pay one's / that way, to salary one's portion of mutual expenses. To yield a return on one's investment adequate to repay one's expenses: It will take time for the restaurant to start paying the way.
First taped in 1200–50; center English paien, payen, native Old French paier, paiier, from middle ages Latin pācāre “to satisfy, clear up (a debt),” Latin: “to pacify (by pressure of arms)”; cf. Peace
19. Pay, fairy or wages, salary, stipend room terms for amounts of money or tantamount benefits, usually provided at a constant rate or at regular intervals, in return because that services. Salary is the general term: His pay went up every year. Wage generally designates the pay offered at one hourly, daily, or weekly rate, frequently for manual or semiskilled work; salaries usually way the accumulation amount paid at consistent intervals for such work: one hourly wage; weekly wages. Salary designates a fixed, periodic payment for consistent work or services, commonly computed ~ above a monthly or yearly basis: an annual salary paid in twelve equal monthly installments. Stipend designates a periodic payment, either together a skilled salary or, much more commonly, together a value in return for special services or as a grant in support of an innovative or scholarly work: an annual stipend for job-related as a consultant; a stipend come cover life expenses.

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Paxos, Pax Romana, Paxton, pax vobiscum, paxwax, pay, payable, pay a call, salary a compliment, pay-and-display, pay-as-you-go

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verb (used v object), payed, pay·ing.Nautical.
to coat or sheathe (seams, a ship's bottom, etc.) v pitch, tar, or the like.

Origin that pay

First tape-recorded in 1610–20; from middle French poier, Old French peier, native Latin picāre “to smear with pitch,” derivative of pix (stem pic- ) pitch2

MORE around PAY

what is a basic an interpretation of pay?

Pay way to provide money to someone to settle a blame or obligation. Pay also way to provide money in exchange because that something. Pay is likewise a person’s salary or wages. Pay has many other senses together a verb and also a noun.

Pay way to settle a bill or a debt, such as paying the inspect at a restaurant or paying your electric bill. Sometimes you can pay in advance, definition you pay for the product or service prior to you get it. The previous tense the the verb pay is paid.

Real-life examples: master pay your mortgages. Citizen pay taxes to the government. University students frequently have to pay college student loans.

Used in a sentence: I always keep enough money in the financial institution to pay mine rent ~ above time.

Pay also means to offer someone money because that a product or service.

Real-life examples: A person might pay $20 for part old shirts. A parent may pay a save $50 for a gift for their child. A rich person may pay $5 million because that a mansion.

Used in a sentence: She payment the gibbs $5 for an autographed picture. 

Pay is also the money a person earns in exchange for their labor. This feeling of pay is a synonym that salary or earnings.

Real-life examples: once you have actually a job, you earn her pay.

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A doctor has actually a much greater pay 보다 a teenager functioning a part-time job. Workers frequently go on win or negotiate with the company to shot and obtain a better pay.

Used in a sentence: He may not favor his job that much, but he never ever complains about the pay.