The Peloponnesian battle was fought between the Greek city-states the Athens and also Sparta. That lasted indigenous 431 BC come 404 BC. Athens ended up shedding the war, bringing an finish to the golden e of ancient Greece.

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Where walk the surname Peloponnesian come from?The native Peloponnesian originates from the surname of the peninsula in southern Greece called the Peloponnese. This peninsula was residence to numerous of the an excellent Greek city-states including Sparta, Argos, Corinth, and also Messene.Before the WarAfter the Persian War, Athens and also Sparta had actually agreed come a Thirty Year Peace. They didn\"t want to struggle each various other while they were trying to recuperate from the Persian War. Throughout this time, Athens became powerful and wealthy and the Athenian empire grew under the management of Pericles.Sparta and also its allies ended up being increasingly jealous and also distrustful that Athens. Finally, in 431 BC, as soon as Sparta and also Athens finished up on various sides in a problem over the city the Corinth, Sparta declared war on Athens.
Map the the Peloponnesian WarThe alliances of the Peloponnesian war from the us ArmyClick map come see larger version
The an initial WarThe an initial Peloponnesian battle lasted for 10 years. During this time the Spartans conquered the land and the Athenians overcame the sea. Athens developed long walls all the way from the city come its seaport Piraeus. This enabled them to remain inside the city and also still have accessibility to trade and supplies from their ships.Although the Spartans never breached the walls of Athens throughout the very first war, many civilization died inside the city because of plague. This contained the an excellent leader and general the Athens, Pericles.
The Long wall surface of AthensPeloponnesian battle from the us ArmyClick snapshot to see bigger view
Peace that NiciasAfter ten years of war, in 421 BC Athens and also Sparta agreed to a truce. It was called the peace of Nicias, named after the basic of the Athenian army.
Athens strikes SicilyIn 415 BC, Athens made decision to help one of your allies top top the island of Sicily. They sent a large force over there to strike the city of Syracuse. Athens shed the battle horribly and also Sparta made decision to retaliate beginning the second Peloponnesian War.The 2nd WarThe Spartans began to gather allies to dominate Athens. They also enlisted the help of the Persians who lent lock money to build a fleet the warships. Athens, yet recovered and also won a collection of battles in between 410 and also 406 BC.Athens is DefeatedIn 405 BC the Spartan basic Lysander beat the Athenian fleet in battle. V the fleet defeated, the human being in the city the Athens started to starve. They did not have actually the army to take on the Spartans top top land. In 404 BC the city of Athens surrendered come the Spartans.The city-states the Corinth and Thebes want the city that Athens destroyed and the world enslaved. However, Sparta disagreed. They do the city tear under its walls, however refused to destroy the city or enslave its people.Interesting Facts around the Peloponnesian WarThe an initial major war in between Athens and Sparta is often called the Archidamian war after Sparta\"s King Archidamus II.The \"long walls\" the Athens were approximately 4 ½ miles lengthy each. The whole length of the walls around the city and also the harbor was around 22 miles.After Sparta beat Athens, they ended democracy and collection up a new government rule by the \"Thirty Tyrants\". This just lasted for one year, however, together the neighborhood Athenians overthrew the tyrants and restored democracy.The Greek soldiers were dubbed hoplites. They commonly fought through shields, a brief sword, and also a spear.Sparta was beat by Thebes in 371 BC in ~ the fight of Leuctra.

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