Publisher THQ Nordic and also developer Airship Syndicate have announced Darksiders Genesis, a spinoff title to the apocalyptic Darksiders series.

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Genesis will focus on series-original Horseman the the Apocalypse Strife, who in addition to Darksiders III protagonist fury replaces classic Horsemen Pestilence and also Famine. The Escapist’s very own Yahtzee Croshaw speculated method back throughout the an initial Obama administration that a Horseman called Strife could have to count on providing his enemies crippling stress disorders as an offensive manoeuvre, yet as the brand-new teaser trailer reveals, he actually just shoots people using firearms that fire bullets.

It’s to the point, sure, however you’ve obtained to recognize it lacks a details subtlety that the original publication of Revelation Horsemen possessed. Perhaps famine was considered too gradual and also indirect a an approach of mass fatality to support a loot-driven hack-and-slash video game. And also this promises to be the many loot-driven, hack-and-slash Darksiders of lock all. The series has constantly drawn incentive from Blizzard’s dungeon crawling RPGs — particularly the Death-starring 2nd installment — however Genesis will go so much as to adopt Diablo’s top-down isometric camera angle, not simply its gameplay loop that slitting increase demons and also stealing their pants.

This is a herbal progression for Darksiders, a series which has constantly benefitted native a distinct, maximalist aesthetic, yet struggled to discover its very own mechanical identity, preferring instead to lend liberally native of-the-moment (or also a-little-after-the-moment) gaming trends. The very first Darksiders came out in January that 2010, just two months prior to the hotly suspect would-be collection conclusion God of battle III. Not coincidentally, the starred a Godlike character named War, who carved a Kratos-esque bloody course through a who’s-who perform of religious and mythological figures. Last year’s Darksiders III speak the cultural wave created by the Dark Souls series, featuring a greater focus on one-on-one combat, an explorable open human being to change the Zelda-like dungeons the its predecessors, and also a checkpoint system that might be explained as “bonfire-adjacent.”

Now, v Diablo III still chugging admirably along, and also indies choose Dodge Roll’s get in the Gungeon and Supergiant’s Hades experimenting what rather dungeon crawlers are capable of, Darksiders has chose it’s high time come eat the leftovers the this genre too. Perhaps at this price we’ll obtain a Darksiders fight royale location in 3 or 4 years.

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Darksiders Genesis no yet have a release date, yet it’s set to it is in playable at next E3 following week. That slated come come the end for playstation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and also Google Stadia.