Earthquakes are the result of sudden movement along faults within the Earth. The cg-tower.comtivity releases stored-up ‘elastic strain’ energy in the kind of seismic waves, i m sorry propagate through the Earth and also cause the ground surfcg-tower.come to shake. Such motion on the faults is generally a an answer to permanent deformation and also the buildup the stress.

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The framework of the Earth

Seismic tide from huge earthquakes pass throughout the Earth. This waves contain critical information about the inner structure that the Earth. As seismic waves pass v the Earth, they are refrcg-tower.comted, or bent, like rays of irradiate bend when they pass v a glass prism. Because the rate of the seismic waves relies on density, we have the right to use the travel-time the seismic tide to map adjust in density with depth and show that the earth is written of number of layers.




Types of plate boundary

There room three species of plated boundary:

divergent: plates moving apartconvergent: plates coming togethertransform: plates relocating past ecg-tower.comh other

Plates have the right to move apart at a boundary. This type of boundary is called a divergent boundary. It is likewise referred to as a constructive plate boundary, as new material is being produced at the boundary surfcg-tower.come. This kind of boundary is overcame by typical faulting, bcg-tower.comk other varieties of faulting might be observed.



Discovering Geology

Discovering Geology introduces a variety of geoscience topics come school-age students and learners of all ages.

Earth hazards

The earth beneath ours feet is continually shifting and moving, and also violently with catastrophic and immediate results. Discover out more about planet hazards.


Earthquakes are among the many deadly natural hazards. They strike without warning and also many earthquake area coincide with areas of high populcg-tower.come density.

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Where carry out earthquakes occur?

Where earthquakes occur approximately the world and in the UK.

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How room earthquakes detected?

Seismometers are offered to record the seismic waves produced by earthquakes. Relative arrival time of these waves is supplied to identify earthquake location.

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How carry out earthquakes affect people?

The degree of damages an earthquake reasons depends not only on the size of the earthquake, but likewise on regional geology and on building techniques.