is a continually evolving game, complete of heroes, villains, and everything in between. But none the them room as necessary to united state as you, ours players that make Maple civilization what that is! The history of is a long and winding one, but now we"d favor to rotate the fist to you, and hear much more about your own journeys the you"ve taken as has grown end the years. The inquiry we"d prefer to asking you all is: What"s her If you"d prefer to submit your story, you deserve to do for this reason via this form.

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For today"s version of What"s her, we spoke to Tiger, who shares your memories of playing party quests and also boarding the Orbis boat~


How did you begin playing

I"ve been play for practically 13 year now, it has actually been a large part of mine childhood and I have countless memories from playing it. I an initial played together an explorer Warrior ~ above EMS Kradia prior to the merge. I experienced on YouTube some videos about and also saw Dragon article as among the classes i beg your pardon looked for this reason cool! It to be the main reason I wanted to play an explorer Warrior and also fell in love v the class. Once it got readjusted to Berserker and also Dark Knight, mine love for the class wasn"t as solid but i will never ever forget the storage of the class. 

What is your favorite class and why?

Back in 2012 as soon as Phantom to be released, I fell in love through the relax trailer and also his personality design. Ns loved the idea the he was a heroic figure yet had a little of charm and mischievous approximately him. Ns knew at some point I would love to play the class and when the EU Reboot server came out, that was precisely what ns did.

What is her favorite storage while play has actually been such a huge part of mine life v the quantity of memory that i have collected and cherished. My an initial biggest memory was doing my an initial party search in Kerning City. I was quiet relatively brand-new to the game and also  I wasn’t sure what ns was supposed to be doing. However I met a group of people that essential 1 more for your party for Kerning PQ. It take it a while to get in though since only one party could it is in in in ~ a time every channel yet it was among the many fun points I ever before experienced in ~ the time and I do some new friends due to the fact that of it. It was super funny learning just how to do the rope and also platform puzzles and also King Slime was my very first ever boss that ns defeated. The party quests gained me hooked, i loved the social aspect of it and also it was also very good EXP!

One the my various other favorite memories was acquisition the boat to Orbis. Ago then you had actually to wait for a boat that would certainly come and go at set times. Yet once you were on the boat, you weren’t fully safe as there to be a chance for the Crimson Balrogs to spawn and they can kill you. Ns didn’t know around this and I innocently stood outside only to get attacked and died as a result. But prior to I died, ns remember seeing part high level players, a Dragon Knight and also a Hermit specifically, take on the Crimson Balrogs head on. It to be really impressive to watch as a noob the was floating through a gravestone and also it really motivated me to store training to obtain stronger.

Any piece of advice come our fellow Maplers?

Just have actually fun! ns think that is the best way to totally enjoy this game. provides so numerous different means to play this game and also there will certainly be constantly be something because that you come do. Ns think it is necessary to constantly do what you want to do and not what others feeling you must be doing. Play at your very own pace, gain the experience and also immerse yourself into the world roughly you. There’s so plenty of different types of content in this game that you have the right to enjoy, I recognize a lot of world who have missed them for this reason please give them a try! I hope by sharing my experiences, that will enable others to proceed to pat this game and to store enjoying what they love about this video game too.

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Ns think it’s vital to try be kind, helpful and social in a game like and also it will definitely get you far. has enabled me to have amazing memories and also meet part incredible people along the way.