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Key ingredient of Xbox is its online multiplayer suffer that permits you to play your favorite games against other players. Although digital multiplayer is amazing, some individuals reported The existing profile is no allowed article that stays clear of them indigenous accessing online multiplayer on their console.

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“The existing profile is no allowed” Xbox error, how to resolve it?

Table of contents:

Solution 1 – Make sure that you have Xbox Live yellow account

If you desire to enjoy in virtual multiplayer, you should register an Xbox Live gold account. Signing up for Xbox Live gold account is easy, and you can do it simply by visiting Xbox website. After ~ you it is registered Xbox Live account, the problem will be fixed and you should be able to enjoy in multiplayer without any kind of problems. Save in mind that you have to sign out of her account and also log ago in again in order to usage Xbox Live yellow after you acquisition it.

Solution 2 – inspect if your Xbox Live gold subscription is tho active

Sometimes you could get The current profile is not allowed error if your Xbox Live yellow account is expired. To resolve this issue, use any type of web internet browser to log in in to her Xbox account and also check the subscription section. If your subscription is expired, be sure to renew it in bespeak to resolve this problem.

If your Xbox Live gold account was newly renewed, you’ll need to wait because that 24 hrs or much more until Microsoft processes your transaction and also renews her account. Some individuals are likewise suggesting to perform network check after reactivating her Xbox Live gold account.

Solution 3 – Delete and download her profile again

Users reported the they addressed this error message just by deleting your profile and downloading that again. To carry out that ~ above Xbox 360, perform the following:

Go to Settings and select System.Navigate come Storage.Select Profiles and also choose the profile the you desire to delete.Select Delete.Select Delete file Only choice to delete her profile. This choice will delete the profile while keeping all your saved games and also achievements.

After deleting the profile, you need to include it again by following these steps:

Press the Guide switch on your controller.Select Download Profile option. If friend don’t check out this choice it means that you’re signed in v a different profile currently, for this reason be certain to authorize out.Choose Download Profile.Select the storage ar for her profile.After the profile is downloaded, inspect if the problem is fixed.

To delete her account ~ above Xbox One, do this:

On the Home display screen scroll left to open up the Guide.Select Settings > every Settings.In the Account section choose Remove accounts and choose her account.

To add download her account again, follow this steps:

Open the Guide and choose Sign in > add & manage.Select Add new and also enter her login information.Follow the indict on the display screen to complete the process.

Solution 4 – clear the Persistent storage

Persistent storage have the right to sometimes cause specific errors on your Xbox such together The existing profile is no allowed error. To fix this problem, you should clear the Persistent warehouse by adhering to these steps:

Open the Guide and also select Settings.Select Blu-ray > Pesistant Storage and choose Clear Persistent Storage.

Solution 5 – clear the MAC address

Sometimes you have the right to fix this error just by clearing the MAC address. To do that, follow these instructions:

Navigate come Settings.Select Network settings > progressed settings > alternate MAC address.Choose the Clear option.After clearing the MAC address, turn off her Xbox. Disconnect the power cable and also wait for few minutes.Connect the strength cable and also turn on your Xbox again.

After doing that, inspect if the difficulty is resolved.

Solution 6 – check the Xbox Live connection

According come users, you can fix this problem simply by testing your Xbox Live connection. To carry out that follow these steps:

Go come Settings > Network Settings.Select her network and choose Test Xbox LIVE connection option.After the process is completed, inspect if the trouble is resolved.

Solution 7 – clear the device cache

The next thing we’re going to shot is clearing the mechanism cache. Here’s what you have to do:

Press the Guide button on your controller.Go to Settings and select System Settings.Select Storage or Memory.Highlight any kind of storage device, and then press Y on your controller (you deserve to select any kind of storage device, due to the fact that the device will clean the cache for all of them).Select Clear mechanism Cache.Confirm the action.Restart her console

Solution 8 – strength cycle her console

If other solutions don’t work, you could want to do a factory reset. This choice will generally delete all files from her console and also reset it to initial state. This method that you’ll delete all your accounts, conserved games, settings and files. If you desire to keep your files, we strongly indicate that you ago them approximately a USB flash journey before beginning the reset process. To reset your Xbox to factory settings, perform the following:

Open the guide by scrolling left top top the Home screen.Select Settings and also go come All Settings.Choose System > Console info & updates.Select Reset console.You need to see two alternatives available: Reset and also keep my gamings & apps and also Reset and also remove everything. We indicate that you usage the first option since this alternative will just reset her console and delete potentially corrupted data there is no deleting games and other large files. If that alternative doesn’t work and the trouble still persists, be sure to usage Reset and remove everything option. This alternative will delete every downloaded games, conserved games, accounts and applications, because of this if you desire to preserve some of her files, we imply that you back them up before using this option.

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The present profile is no allowed error can prevent friend from playing Xbox gamings online, but we hope the you regulated to solve the problem after using one of our solutions.