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In thing 12, Holden gets associated with a young prostitute who calls herself Sunny and the elevator operator named Maurice. He agrees to pay five dollars because that a throw, and also then:

I was currently sorry I"d permit the thing begin rolling, but it was as well late now.

he waits...

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In chapter 12, Holden gets involved with a young prostitute who calls herself Sunny and the elevator operator named Maurice. The agrees to pay 5 dollars because that a throw, and then:

I was already sorry I"d allow the thing begin rolling, however it was too late now.

He waits in his room feeling nervous. That puts ~ above a clean shirt.

I knew ns didn"t have to gain all dolled up for a prostitute or anything, however it kind of offered me something come do.

If you want to recognize the truth, I"m a virgin. I really am.

People who insurance claim that Holden is just as phony together the civilization he calls phonies need to reread this chapter. He reveals himself fully to the leader as the reasonably typical sixteen-year-old young he really is, and pretends no to be. He desires to shed his virginity--but no for 5 dollars in a cheap hotel whereby the lobby smells "like fifty million dead cigars."

When Sunny reflects up, Holden do the efforts his ideal to show up nonchalant, however he shows his youth and inexperience in everything he says and also does.

"Allow me to present myself. My name is Jim Steele," i said.

He is actually horrified as soon as she stands up and pulls her dress over her head.

Sexy was around the last point I to be feeling. I felt much an ext depressed than sexy.

He keeps trying no hope to create some kind of relationship with this tough, uncommunicative girl, who simply wants to get it over with and also collect her 5 dollars. Once she asks the to hang up her dress so the it won"t acquire wrinkled, he observes:

It made me feel kind of sad as soon as I hung that up. I believed of her going to a store and buying it, and nobody in the store discovering she to be a prostitute and all. The salesman probably simply thought she was a consistent girl when she to buy it. The made me feel sad as hell--I don"t recognize why exactly.

Holden is one incurable idealist and romantici. The "throw" turns right into a fiasco. That can"t carry himself come go with with it, and also he makes up one atrocious lie to put Sunny off. That is ironic the after he experience compassion because that this ignorant, exploited girl, she realizes she have the right to take advantage of his innocence to extract more money native him. She says:

"This is a five. It prices ten."

Holden refuses to pay the extra five as a issue of principle. But Sunny comes earlier in thing 13 with the hard Maurice, and together castle literally rob Holden of one more five dollars. He may not realize it, yet he is getting more than his money"s precious in worldly experience. He can have gained beat up by Maurice if sunny hadn"t intervened after helping herself to five dollars indigenous Holden"s wallet. She has, ~ all, emerged a details sympathy for Holden since he was polite to her and also because they room both young and, in their separate ways, are both lost souls.

The scene in between Holden and Sunny is rather reminiscent the a scene in Dostoevsky"s exorbitant Notes from Underground, in i beg your pardon the cotton narrator accompanies some acquaintances to a house of prostitution and also meets a girl called Liza.

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Liza is a prostitute with whom the narrator has actually sex. The narrator attempts to to convince Liza to provide up prostitution because it will wreck she life. That entices her, do her believe he is wiling to take treatment of her. Liza is the narrator’s one chance to love. She is also the only human who sees through his antics and understands how miserable he is. She knows, too, that despite the fact that he may need it, he does not know how to love. Her understanding embarrasses and also humiliates the narrator.