William is small for his age, and a little bit lonely, however he has a gentle spirit. At least, that’s what Mrs. Phillips tells him. Mrs. Phillips has actually been v William’s family because he was born, taking treatment of him when his parents are at work, help him exercise his gymnastics routine, and giving him a shoulder come cry on.

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Now william is 10 year old, old sufficient to take treatment of himself. Mrs. Phillips longs to go earlier to her indigenous England. The time has actually come for she to leave. She parting gift to the boy she has practically raised is a an extremely special toy castle and also a lone, command knight.

But wilhelm does not desire to let Mrs. Phillips go. And also he gets his opportunity to do her stay as soon as the lead knight involves life in William’s hand. V the help of a magic medallion, william shrinks Mrs. Phillips and sends her to live in the castle. Climate he feel sorry because that what he has done, and joins she there. Only it seems that, before they can return come their very own world, William should go on an adventure in the civilization of the castle and the formerly-leaden knight.

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Filled v the spirit of some of our favorite publications by Edward Eager, E. Nesbit, and also Lynne Reid Banks, this is one adventure that a modern-day boy in a medieval human being – a fantasy of toys concerned life – and a boy’s check of courage versus a an effective wizard and also many various other magical perils. This contemporary fairy tale is fine told, and also features a hero who will victory your heart. Once he go so, you may want to check out the sequel, titled The fight for the Castle.

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